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United States

Fishermen affected by hurricanes and fishing disasters to be granted USD 200 million

UNITED STATES | Friday, June 22, 2018
The fishermen that had been affected by hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria in 2017 as well as the firms and communities depending on them will be granted USD 200 million in disaster funding appropriated by Congress.


British Columbia sets new salmon farming rules
Canada | 01:00 | The Government of British Columbia announced it will implement rigorous new rules for the renewal of salmon farm tenures in provincial waters, moving forward for a sustainable industry that protects wild salmon, embraces reconciliation, and provides good jobs. Full Story
Thirty meetings held with artisanal sector to discuss 'long' fisheries
Chile | 00:50 | There are already 30 participatory meetings with the artisanal sector that have been developed throughout the country, in preparation for the "long" bill to modify the fisheries law. Full Story
UAE fund, Amerra and Andromeda Group to acquire two Greek aquaculture
Greece | 23:40 | Investment fund Mubadala Investment Company, from Abu Dhabi, together with AMERRA Capital Management LLC (the current owners of Andromeda Group) will participate as shareholders in the acquisition of majority stakes in two European sea bass and sea bream farming companies. Full Story
World’s Largest Sustainable Tuna Fishery Launches Ethereum Blockchain
Pacifical will launch a blockchain initiative covering all its MSC certified sustainably caught tuna by the end of July 2018 positioning Pacifical as pioneer of the first large scale blockchain initiative
World's First Plant-Based Alternative to Raw Tuna
Ocean Hugger Foods™ offers healthy, delicious and sustainable plant-based alternatives to your favorite seafood dishes. Created by one of America's top chefs, Certified Master Chef James Corwell.
BlueNalu, a Pioneer in “Cellular Aquaculture,” Announces Launch
BlueNalu, a pioneer in the field of “cellular aquaculture,” formally announced the launch of its business, at the annual conference of the International Consortium on Applied Bioeconomy Research.
McDonald's Releases Reel It In! Sustainable Fishing Card Game
McDonald’s is using its size and scale to advance sustainable fish sourcing as the industry standard, helping to protect long-term fish supplies and help improve the health of surrounding marine ecosystems.
SeaPak joins the Global Seafood Initiative platform
United States SeaPak Shrimp & Seafood Company a leading firm in the retail market of frozen shrimp in the United States, has joined the Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative platform as a funding partner.
NASCO adopts measures to protect salmon around the Faroe Islands and off West Greenland
European Union The North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organisation has adopted new regulatory measures to protect salmon stocks around the Faroe Islands and off West Greenland.
Fishing deal with China would settle maritime dispute
Philippines A joint fishing agreement reportedly being discussed between China and the Philippines is deemed a significant step forward in the relations between the two countries after an old maritime sovereignty dispute.
China's retaliatory tariffs concern Alaska seafood entrepreneurs and legislators
United States Alaska’s seafood industry officials and legislators have expressed concern about the possible negative effects additional export tariffs from China may have on the state’s seafood economy as a retaliation due to the measures set by the American Government.