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ISSF's call for sustainable tuna fisheries management receives wide global support

WORLDWIDE | Friday, March 24, 2017
A global group of commercial and non-profit organizations has responded to the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation’s request for immediate Regional Fishing Management Organization action on top priorities for sustainable tuna fisheries.


A 'hard Brexit' could reduce European fleet by 15pc
European Union | 22:50 | The European Fisheries Alliance estimates that a 'hard Brexit' scenario could lead to the loss of 6,100 jobs in the European fisheries sector and a 15 per cent reduction of the fleet. Full Story
Fishing boats offer aid in areas affected by 'coastal Niño'
Peru | 22:10 | The National Fisheries Society reported that they have scheduled a fishing vessel every day of this week to take aid to the areas affected by the "coastal Niño" for free, as part of the charity maritime bridge in which their affiliate firms participate. Full Story
Scientific study opposes concerns about pangasius safety
Viet Nam | 21:50 | A thorough study on the toxicological risk of pangasius (Pangasianodon hypophthalmus) concludes that the statements made by the media suggesting that this fish is ‘full of poison’ because it is able to survive in the ‘heavily polluted Mekong River’ are ill-founded. Full Story
German Federal Office for Agriculture and Food Awards Damen Fisheries Research Vessel Contract
With the vessel, to be called the Walther Herwig, the German Federal Ministry for Food and Agriculture will support Germany’s fisheries and oceanographic research programmes.
Patagonia Mussel Featured their Prestigious Shellfish for the First Time at Seafood Expo North America
Rich in protein, vitamins and Omega 3 oils, these mussels are naturally bred in the cold, clean waters of Chilean Patagonia.
Unique Cooperative Programme is Seeking to Raise USD 75,000 by the End of March
Dock to Dish has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the Dock to Dish 2.0 which will make precision traceability a reality, and catapult local seafood sourcing into the digital age.
Linde Helps Spark Growth in Prepared Seafood and Aquaculture
Linde LLC is supporting two growing areas for the global seafood industry – prepared seafood and aquaculture – with technologies to improve quality and productivity.
Cautious fish evolve out of marine reserves
Canada New research supports the creation of more marine reserves in the world’s oceans because, the authors say, fish can evolve to be more cautious and stay away from fishing nets. The research...
Commercial disasters declared for nine West Coast fisheries
United Nations The Commerce Secretariat determined that nine salmon and crab fisheries in Alaska, California and Washington experienced commercial failures, which will enable fishing communities to seek disaster relief assistance from Congress.
ICES identifies 'substantial' species distribution shifts
Denmark A total of 16 out of 21 species examined by experts of the Workshop on Fish Distribution Shifts in response to a request from the EC have shown changes in their distributions across the northeast Atlantic since 1985, with hake and mackerel shifting the most.
Govt. restructures aquaculture action plan in floating cages
Philippines Laguna Lake Development Authority has decided to open up Laguna Lake and demolish thirty corporate and individually-owned fish pens.