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Easter recess

JAPAN | Thursday, April 02, 2015
In observance of Easter, FIS.com will not be publishing articles in its World News section on 2-3 April.


Warming oceans slow development of equatorial baby fish
Australia | 02:20 | Scientists have discovered that rising ocean temperatures slow the development of baby fish around the equator, raising concerns about the impact of global warming on fish and fisheries in the tropics. Full Story
Pescanova earned more than EUR 1,600 million in 2014
Spain | 01:50 | The Galician multinational firm Pescanova ended 2014 with a net attributable profit of EUR 1,654 million while in 2013 it had registered "red numbers" for EUR 715 million. Full Story
Costco’s change of salmon supplier could affect the sector
United States | 00:50 | Giant retailer Costco’s decision to purchase the bulk of its fresh farmed salmon from Norway, instead of buying it from Chile as it has been doing so far, could be affecting the fish marketplace. Full Story
Un-Cruise Adventures Becomes First Cruise Line to Partner With Seafood Watch
Un-Cruise Adventures has announced a formal partnership with the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program, committing to serve only seafood caught or farmed in ocean-friendly ways.
Verlasso Launches Sustainable Seafood Cookbook
Co-authored by Verlasso Culinary Director Jennifer Bushman and two time James Beard award winner Chef John Ash, Verlasso has launched Sea Change, a cookbook featuring sustainable seafood recipes.
Wild Planet Albacore Meets Premium Spanish Olive Oil
The new sustainably-caught tuna fillets in re-sealable glass jars are filled with restaurant-quality sophistication and the convenience of a specialty packaged product, creating a gourmet experience for the taste buds.
Blue North Introduces World’s First Initiative to Ensure Humane Harvesting of Wild Fish
Blue North, a natural resource company committed to sustainable practices, announced the launch of the Humane Harvest Initiative, an innovative step toward establishing ethical standards for fish harvesting.
Anoxia and ocean warming cause scallop death
Peru A study on the status of the environmental quality of the bay of Pisco-Paracas conducted by the Instituto del Mar del Peru revealed that the recent mass death of scallops recorded in the area was due to the lack of oxygen and to high water temperature.
Pew urges Pacific bluefin tuna stock protection be stepped up
Japan The measures to stop Pacific bluefin tuna stock decline agreed by fishing nations are not enough, according to new research.
Thai Govt concerned about fishing industry reputation
Thailand Thai government voiced its intention to combat forced labour in the fishing sector and take legal action against those involved but fears new reports on this issue could lead to repercussions on the f...
BPA found to adversely affect fish reproduction
United States Fish exposed to the endocrine-disrupting chemical bisphenol A (BPA) can pass adverse reproductive effects onto their offspring up to three generations later, shows a new scientific study.