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Funding boost for Pacific coast's fisheries conservation, research

CANADA | Tuesday, May 26, 2015
Fisheries and Oceans has announced investments from the Government totalling over USD 46.4 million in science facilities, marine protection and Pacific salmon research.


Whiteleg shrimp farming programme advances in Kerala
India | 01:40 | Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean Studies (KUFOS) advances in the implementation of a project intended to widen vannamei shrimp farming in this state in India. Full Story
Wrasse project aims to increase farmed salmon productivity
United Kingdom | 00:50 | The Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre has kicked off a USD 6.2 million applied research project to upscale the use of farmed wrasse in commercial salmon farms. Full Story
Bluefin tuna traps register record catches
Spain | 23:50 | The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment considers the development of the bluefin tuna fishery in the almadrabas (trap fisheries) of the Gulf of Cádiz is excellent due to the record catch figures. Full Story
First Wireless Monitoring System for UK Scallop Dredges
The Dredgemaster, a wireless monitoring system for scallop dredges, was installed on the FV Vikingborg, small robust sensors are placed on the dredge transmitting vital information to the vessel.
Icelandirect Earns Certificate for Sustainable Omega-3 and Other Fish Oil Products
Icelandirect, a leading supplier of fish oils to the dietary ingredient intended for people and pets, joins Friend of the Sea to conserve the world's marine habitat and assure sustainably-harvested fish oils
Spanish Cannery Commitment to Sustainability
To ensure the highest standards are adhered to in terms of the environment, the sustainability of marine resources and product quality, Frinsa has sought certification from a number of major international independent bodies.
The Best Quality Seafood Products from Poland
Family owned seafood company Abramczyk has always strived to source fish and shellfish of the best quality, choosing only those suppliers who freeze their fish immediately after been caught.
Mass farmed salmon deaths raises concerns in Tasmania
Australia The deaths of hundreds of tonnes of salmon in a storm event that took place in Tasmania's west coast have reignited concerns about the environmental health of the Macquire harbour zone, which is home to large-scale fish farms.
Genetics provide new hope for endangered freshwater mussels
United States A piece of the restoration puzzle to save populations of endangered freshwater mussels may have been found, according to a recent US Geological Survey led study.
Oman closes its ports to pirate fishing
Oman The Environmental Justice Foundation praises Oman government’s port measures intended to close its ports to vessels suspected of engaging in illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing in Somalia.
EC calls for voluntary origin labelling for food
Spain The EU executive defended the position promoting the voluntary origin labelling for unprocessed food products, products that comprise a single ingredient and the ingredients that represent more than 50 per cent of a food product.