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United States

Aquaculture sales reach USD 1.37 billion in 2013

UNITED STATES | Thursday, October 02, 2014
Sales of aquaculture products in 2013 fetched USD 1.37 billion, represeting a 26 per cent ...


Fishing regulation did not benefit the sector or anchovies, warns econ
Peru | 03:50 | Supreme Decree 005, issued in 2012, to promote anchovy sustainability and increase consumption has failed to achieve its standard and the result was the opposite, concludes a study submitted this week. Full Story
Sealord makes 150 workers redundant
New Zealand | 03:10 | A higher number of jobs than previously thought are under threat from Sealord's decision t... Full Story
Rock lobster fishery trials digital record keeping system
Australia | 02:10 | Digital technology could make paper records a thing of the past in South Australia’s Southern Zone Rock Lobster fishery. Full Story
Fish Oil from Pesquera Diamante Certified Sustainable
Pesquera Diamante, a major processor of fishmeal and fish oil, canned food, fresh and frozen products from Peru, has obtained certification from Friend of the Sea for its fish oil from anchovies and mackerels.
Recognizing Leaders in Seafood Sustainability
This years’ Seafood Champion Awards nominations were exceptional, both for the range of activities being undertaken to promote sustainable seafood, and for the dedication these ocean leaders are demonstrating.
The Power of Tradition
Since 1938, A Poveira's canned fish has been present in the most demanding markets and its brands are recognized for quality, excellence and traditional manufacturing.
Delicious and Crispy Tapas
Sea anemones from Delicatessen del Mar Candela, are produced with traditional methods, maintaining their texture with a distinguishing contrast between their crunchy exterior and gelatinous interior, making them a truly succulent marine delicacy.
Aid requested for fleet expelled from Mauritania and longliners in the Mediterranean
Spain The Spanish Fisheries Confederation requested the General Secretariat of Fisheries a prompt release of a ministerial order regulating aid for the temporary cessation of the fleet affected by Mauritania's decision to expel most of the Spanish vessels from its fishing ground.
Study finds high level of seafood fraud among Danish fishmongers
Denmark A new study conducted by Oceana, a Danish newspaper, and a TV programme found that there is a high level of sea fraud in Danish markets.
Shrimp eyes help cancer detection
Australia Mantis shrimp eyes are inspiring the design of new cameras that can detect a variety of cancers and visualise brain activity.
Iglo Group reported flat sales in Q2
United Kingdom Europe’s leading frozen foods business Iglo Group reported net flat sales year-on-year for the second quarter this year.