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Over 70 fish plants for DHC manufacture canned products

PERU | Tuesday, September 02, 2014
More than half of the fish plants producing fisheries products for direct human consumptio...


Concerns expressed over tilapia import ban
Ghana | 02:30 | Ghana’s agricultural producers' union has expressed concerns over the government’s strategic policy after the ban imposed on tilapia imports in an effort to boost local aquaculture. Full Story
Pescanova earns EUR 1,790 million in the first half
Spain | 01:50 | The approval of the creditors’ agreement considering reductions over 90 per cent of the debt helped the Galician multinational firm Pescanova to achieve a net profit of EUR 1,790 million in the first half of this year. Full Story
SK Telecom validates IoT-based management system at eel farm
South Korea | 00:50 | SK Telecom will implement an IoT (Internet of Things)-based fish farm management system at an eel farm in Gochang, North Jeolla Province. Full Story
BioMar Chile Presents New Strategy for Sea Lice Control
Tests carried out by BioMar Chile to control the caligidosis in salmon have discovered that a compound derived from the soap bark tree, a Chilean endemic tree, might help to significantly reduce the parasite burden.
Friend of the Sea Launches New App to Find Restaurants Serving Sustainable Seafood
Friend of the Sea App database provides users with the most current listing of Friend of the Sea sustainable seafood products and restaurants.
Morgère to Promote their Popular Range of Trawl Doors at Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition
Morgère will be promoting their range of trawl doors at the exhibition, which are proving popular with many Icelandic skippers for their versatility and consistently good catch rates.
Copper River Celebrates Fall Coho with Sustainable Harvest Celebration
To mark the season’s transition, the Copper River/Prince William Sound Marketing Association is holding its annual Copper River Coho Tour on August 28th to September 1st.
Govt plans to limit Pacific bluefin tuna catch
Japan The Japanese Government intends to reduce the catch of immature Pacific bluefin tuna and prevent overfishing of the high-priced fish by implementing common regulations internationally, out of criteria currently adopted independently by Japan.
High supply and low prices boost octopus fishing ban
Mauritania For three months octopus will not be allowed to be caught in Mauritanian waters, following the ban enacted by the Government of this country from 21 August.
Galicia reopens some raft polygons and shellfish beds
Spain The presence of the lipophilic toxin in the Galician estuaries is subsiding significantly, which has contributed to the opening of six mussel farming polygons.
Banks to refinance Pescanova’s aquaculture macro-plant in Mira
Portugal The creditor banks of the Portuguese fish farm belonging to Pescanova in Mira finally desisted from recovering EUR 100 million owed by the company through the exercise of their right to sell the assets.