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Norwegian salmon hikes led by supply drop and demand growth

NORWAY | Friday, May 25, 2018
Faltering salmon supply combined with booming global demand have led to a record growth in prices for the Norwegian salmon.


New eDNA method presented to monitor aquatic diversity
United Kingdom | 20:20 | A team of scientists from the University of East Anglia has pioneered a new method of DNA analysis to help monitor the diversity of UK waters, which could help conserve endangered species. Full Story
INIDEP recommended closing the illex squid fishery
Argentina | 20:00 | At the meeting of the Follow-up Commission held this Wednesday, from the INIDEP recommende... Full Story
First squid fishery to attain MSC standard
United States | 19:50 | The US Northeastern longfin inshore squid fishery in the Northwest Atlantic is the first squid fishery in the world to achieve Marine Stewardship Council certification as a sustainable and well-managed fishery. Full Story
Maxwell Chase First-of-its-Kind Packaging Solution for Extending Seafood Shelf Life
The patent-pending SEAWELL seafood system features integrated absorbent technology incorporated into wells at the bottom of trays to absorb excess fluids.
A Satisfactory Quarter for the SalMar Group
All SalMar ASA's business areas posted satisfactory results in the first quarter 2018, price achievement in the quarter was good and, operationally, all the Group's business areas posted satisfactory results.
New Zealanders Choose Sustainable Seafood For Future Generations
May 14th, marked the first Sustainable Seafood Day in New Zealand, members of the seafood community including government, academia, industry and NGOs came together to celebrate sustainable fisheries.
Lidl UK Becomes First UK-Based Discounter to Join Ocean Disclosure Project
Lidl has published a public profile which includes a list of all of the fisheries supplying wild-caught seafood sourced by Lidl UK, alongside information on fishery management, catch method, and environmental impact.
Tuna plant restarts operations thanks to Chinese funding
Vanuatu A tuna fish processing plant, located on the outskirts of Port Vila, which has been inactive for over a decade, is to restart production thanks to the USD 9.01 million dollar funding from a Chinese company.
Lobster exporters fear China's retaliation for tariff implementation
United States A group of American seafood exporters are urging federal authorities not to put a tariff on Chinese products for fear of retaliation against US exports.
New MSC standard for seaweed presented
Chile An induction to the Marine Stewardship Council standard in seaweed was carried out in dependencies of Chinquihue Foundation, in Puerto Montt, at the request of the Undersecretariat of Fisheries and Aquaculture.
MSC deems Mexico is Latin America leader in fisheries sustainability
Mexico The work carried out by Mexico in terms of sustainability for more than 10 years has been reflected in the fact that some of its fisheries, in terms of volume, are certified as sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council.