This is by far one of the best whitefish products on the market. It consists of a special cut made of the dorsal section of the fillet, from which the meatiest and best textured protion is obtained.

Everyone enjoys our hakeloins, because these neatly cut portions of between 80 and 100 grs. are 100% skinless, 100% boneless, and 100% defatted.

These miniature delights consist of smaller Hake Loins from 50 to 70 grs. Presented with the same Top Quality characteristics as the above, they adapt to multiple menu combinations.

The great taste and distincly flakey texture of our Baby Hake Loins, are sure to creat big oppurtunities in your market.

Once the loin has been obtained from the fillet, the fillet is once again portioned, and the fillet tail is obtained, which is the triangulart end sector of the piece. These tails, are great for snack preparations, and recipes for foodservice or domestic use.

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