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Traveling By Car...

Eastport is located of Coastal Route 1. From Interstate 95 North there are 3 ways to reach Eastport:

#1: The Coastal Route for Scenic Beauty & Shopping
This route is the most enjoyable in terms of sightseeing and shopping in the wonderful towns along the coast of Maine. However, due to many like-minded summer drivers, it is traditionally the most crowded and slowest of the three routes. Best to be tackled at a leisurely pace, taking advantage of the many lovely Bed & Breakfasts along the way.

Take Interstate 95 North into Maine. About 1 1/2 hours after you cross the border, you will see signs for Freeport and Coastal Route 1. Take this exit and follow Route 1 North through the towns of Coastal Maine for approximately 4 1/2 - 5 hours. Ellsworth will mark your entrance into "Downeast Maine". About an hour after Ellsworth you will enter Machias - the last major town you will drive through before the turn-off to Eastport - 45 minutes later. This turn-off is marked by signs for Eastport and its National Historic District, many business signs and the sign for Route 190. Take this right onto 190 and follow it for 7 miles. You will travel over a man-made causeway, indicating your entrance onto Moose Island, home of Eastport!

Option #2: "The Middle Way" -
Mostly Highway with a Splash of Scenery
This route avoids all the Mid-Coastal Maine traffic congestion but allows for about 2 1/2 hours of driving along the much slower-paced Downeast coastal way, with only the Ellsworth hectiness to contend with.

Follow Interstate 95 to Bangor - about 3 hours. When you approach signs for Downtown Bangor there will also be signs for Coastal Route 1 North. Follow these and get off on Route 1 North. Follow it through Brewer, Ellsworth, and continue through Machais. Route 190 and the turn-off to Eastport is 45 minutes from Machais. The city of Eastport is 7 miles after you make the right hand turn onto Route 190 from Route 1.

Option #3: The "I Don't Care What It Looks Like -
Just Get Me There As Soon As Possible" Route

This route brings you to Bangor on Interstate 95 North and to Calais on Route 9. Known to locals as "The Airline", due to its beeline nature and no-frills attitude, it was recently widened for the many 18-wheelers speeding alongside of you. This route does still necessitate a 1/2 hour drive South on Coastal Route 1 from Calais to Eastport, alongside of the St. Croix River, where it flows into the Passamaquoddy Bay and looks across to New Brunswick.


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