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Traveling By Plane...

Eastport has a small airport. Charter flights can be arranged from Boston, Portland and Bangor to Eastport.

For more information, call Quoddy Air at 207-853-0997.


Fly into Bangor International Airport. From here you have two options: The first is to rent a car, which can be arranged at the airport; and the second is to take public transportation. The airport is approximately 1 1/2 hours away from Eastport.

Bangor International Airport: 207-947-0384

Option #1: Driving Yourself

Exit the airport on Godfrey Boulevard. At the second light, make a right turn onto Maine Avenue. Follow Maine Avenue straight through the downtown intersection. Continue to follow Maine Avenue and cross over the Bangor-Brewer Bridge. Continue straight and look for signs for either Route 9, or Route 1.

Route 9 is the shorter, but less enjoyable route. 18-wheeler trucks share the road with you, and the scenery is sparse. But, if you want to get to Eastport in a hurry and avoid any summer traffic, this is definitely the route to choose. Follow Route 9 North towards Calais. Stay on it until it deadends into Route 1 - about an hour and a half after leaving Bangor. Turn right onto Route 1 South. Go through the town of Calais and continue on Route 1 South for 1/2 hour. Look for signs for Eastport and turn left onto Route 190. Downtown Eastport is 7 miles from this turn.

Route 1 is the more scenic of the two routes but a bit longer, expecially in the summertime, being the tourist's route of choice. If you would like to experience the small towns and lovely coastal views along the way, however, you may not mind the extra 1/2 hour to an hour that Route 1 takes. Get onto Route 1 North. You will go through Ellsworth, and eventually, Machias. Eastport is 45 minutes North of Machias. Look for signs for Eastport and turn right onto Route 190. You will arrive in Downtown Eastport 7 miles later.

Option #2: Taking Public Transportation

"West Coastal Connections" is a small bus service that comes to the airport once daily to bring travelers to Eastport. If you plan to take advantage of theis service, be sure to call them ahead of time to find out the singular departure time so you can synchronize your flight and prevent from being stranded for 24 hours. It usually leaves Bangor in the early afternoon.

The bus will drop you off at the junction of Route 1 and the turn-off for Eastport, Route 190. There is a small gas station here and convenience store called "The Wabanaki Mall". Eastport is 7 miles from this point and has a taxi service who frequently picks up travelers here.

Call Sunrise Taxi to bring you onto Moose Island and into Eastport, where most everything else is accessible by walking.

West Coastal Connections: 207-853-6162

Sunrise Taxi: 207-853-6162


If You Come By Car

If You Come By Bus

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