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Pioneer in Producing Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable Seafood
(3/15/2016) - ICELAND
Quality Seafood Deserves Quality Processing
(3/15/2016) - BELGIUM
The Finest Sustainable Wild Caught Shrimp in the Market
(3/10/2016) - UNITED STATES
Anova Food's Fair Trade Certified Indonesian Handline Tuna Fishery Program Continues to Grow
(3/9/2016) - INDONESIA
Taylor Shellfish First Farm in U.S. to Achieve ASC Certification
(3/8/2016) - UNITED STATES
Seafood Excellence Awards Winners Announced
(3/7/2016) - UNITED STATES
First Latin American Company To Offer Four-Star BAP Tilapia
(3/3/2016) - GUATEMALA
Open Blue Takes Another Big Step Forward with GLOBALG.A.P. and Friend of the Sea Certifications
(3/2/2016) - UNITED STATES
New Zealand Launches a New Category of Premium Seafood
(3/1/2016) - NEW ZEALAND
McDonald’s New Breaded Salmon
(2/29/2016) - SINGAPORE
Gfresh: Simple, Anywhere, Safe
(2/25/2016) - AUSTRALIA
SmartCatch Named Edison Awards 2016 Finalist
(2/24/2016) - UNITED STATES
MSC Labelled Products Reach 20,000
(2/23/2016) - UNITED KINGDOM
Handy Seafood to Debut New Products at Seafood Expo North America
(2/22/2016) - UNITED STATES
Stackable Cans Create Added Value
(2/18/2016) - DENMARK
The World's First Eco Friendly Atlantic Salmon Farm
(2/17/2016) - POLAND
2016 Seafood Excellence Awards Finalists Announced
(2/16/2016) - UNITED STATES
The Philippines' First Ever Sustainable Seafood Week Furthers Commitment to Healthy Oceans
(2/15/2016) - PHILIPPINES
Premieres at One of the Most Important Industry Gatherings
(2/10/2016) - GERMANY
Quality Seafood Deserves Quality Processing
(2/8/2016) - UNITED STATES

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Global unions urge EU to defend fishing workers' labour rights
European Union Several global unions will request the EU to take action to ensure respect for labour rights by companies whose products are imported into the European market.
Seafood companies sue Govt over marine sanctuary proposal
New Zealand The country’s leading seafood companies have jointly filed a statement of claim in the High Court in response to the New Zealand Government’s unilateral move to establish the Kermadec Ocean Sanctuary.
Massive fish deaths spark suspicions over the real cause
Viet Nam Vietnamese authorities have banned the sale and distribution of aquatic products from the coasts of central Vietnam due to an ongoing environmental disaster affecting this region, where huge numbers of dead fish washed ashore.
Foreign entrepreneurs report Chilean exporter’s scams
Chile Entrepreneurs from China and Russia, and also an Italian one based in Chile claim to have been victims of fraud committed by a Chilean fish exporter.