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Peruvian Company Colpex Attains Friend of the Sea Certification for Omega-3 Fish Oil
(2/26/2018) - PERU
Commited to Environmentally Responsible Fishing Practices
(2/21/2018) - MALDIVES
Seafood Icon Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary
(2/19/2018) - UNITED STATES
Time-Temperature Solution Perfect for Reduced Oxygen Packaging
(2/15/2018) - UNITED KINGDOM
Strong Operational Earnings for Marine Harvest in Q4
(2/14/2018) - NORWAY
Russian Fishery Company Increases Deep Processing of Pollock on Trawlers
Red Lobster Reveals Seafood With Standards Commitments
(2/5/2018) - UNITED STATES
Aquabyte Aims to Transform Fish Farming Through Computer Vision and Machine Learning
(2/1/2018) - NORWAY
New Design for SeaPak´s Seafood Product Line Hits Shelves
(1/31/2018) - UNITED STATES
Meijer Chefs Offer Tips on How to Enjoy Smoked Atlantic Salmon
(1/29/2018) - UNITED STATES
SafetyChain Software and Safe Quality Seafood Associates Announce Partnership
(1/25/2018) - UNITED STATES
Produttori Ittici Trevigiani Certified as Sustainable for Rainbow Trout
(1/23/2018) - ITALY
From Boat to Door-Step
(1/18/2018) - UNITED STATES
Pacific Seafood is World’s First to Offer Four-Star BAP Oysters
(1/16/2018) - UNITED STATES
Swiss Company Burgerstein Attains Friend of the Sea's Certification for Omega-3 Fish Oil
(1/15/2018) - SWITZERLAND
New Digimarc Barcode for Thermal Labels Simplifies Retail Checkout and Reduces Product Shrink
(1/11/2018) - UNITED STATES
AFT Holdings Creates All About Healthy Foods
(1/8/2018) - UNITED STATES
iFresh Announces Exclusive Agreement with Sunray Venus
(1/4/2018) - UNITED STATES
Crown Prince Attains Sustanable Certification for Sardines and Anchovies
(1/3/2018) - UNITED STATES
The Saucy Fish Co. Expands Into Europe
(12/21/2017) - UNITED KINGDOM

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Russian Fishery to set up pollock processing plant in the Russian Far East
Russia Fed. The Russian Fishery Company has announced plans to start setting up a fish processing factory at Nadezhdinskaya Priority Development Territory, close to Vladivostok, in the Russian Far East.
Salmon cannery hopes to attract Australian consumers’ interest
Australia A new salmon cannery is to start operation in Perth, Western Australia, with the hope to bring life back to an industry that is struggling to stay afloat.
The British encouraged to consume jellyfish
United Kingdom The Marine Conservation Society has urged the British to start eating jellyfish in order to help save the UK's dwindling fish stocks.
Virtual platform to favour data sharing on fight against IUU fishing
Peru The Ministry of Production will put into operation a virtual platform in the second quarter to share information among countries members of FAO's network against illegal fishing in Latin America and the Caribbean.