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54°North Omega-3 With Vitamin D3 Expands Distribution Across the US Market
(8/5/2014) - UNITED STATES
Chilean Fish Processor Turns to Automation to Speed Production
(8/4/2014) - UNITED STATES
Barcelona Affirms Its Position as a Strategic Destination for the Seafood Industry
(7/31/2014) - SPAIN
Nor-Fishing Innovation Award 2014 – Finalists Selected
(7/30/2014) - NORWAY
Healthy and Nutritious Trout from Responsible Aquaculture
(7/29/2014) - DENMARK
Happy Sturgeon Always Produce the Best Caviar
(7/24/2014) - UNITED KINGDOM
Safe Food & Listeria Free Processing Seminar
(7/23/2014) - ICELAND
First Nations Urge the Public to Eat More Salmon
(7/22/2014) - CANADA
NAFO Scientific Council Reports on Status of Fish Stocks and Ecosystems of the Northwest Atlantic
(7/21/2014) - CANADA
KinOmega Fish Oil Achieves Sustainability Certification
(7/17/2014) - CHINA
Establishing Strategies for Aquaculture Development in Latin America
(7/16/2014) - MEXICO
Cermaq First ASC-Certified Salmon Producer in Chile
(7/15/2014) - CHILE
ISSF Launches New Guidebook Platform
(7/14/2014) - UNITED STATES
Bell Aquaculture New Aquafeed Mill
(7/10/2014) - UNITED STATES
Enzymotec's K•REAL Krill Oil Gains Sustainable Certification
(7/8/2014) - ISRAEL
Frequentz Offers a Seafood Traceability Solution in Response to the White House's Crackdown on Seafood Fraud
(7/7/2014) - UNITED STATES
The National Aquarium Announces Creation of Sustainable Seafood Program
(7/3/2014) - UNITED STATES
Huon Launches Revolutionary New Feed Barge
(7/1/2014) - AUSTRALIA
New Service Gives Chefs and Diners the Story Behind Their Seafood
(6/30/2014) - UNITED STATES
Seafood Expo Asia Attracts Strong Exhibitor Interest
(6/25/2014) - HONG KONG

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21 illegally caught bluefin tuna specimens intervened
Spain Under the Fisheries Act of the State, Fisheries Inspection Service personnel intervened 21 bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus) specimens in the Strait of Gibraltar that had been captured illegally.
New codes to boost seafood labels and sustainable supply
United Kingdom The Sustainable Seafood Coalition has announced their two codes of conduct will be launched at the Humber seafood summit, a gathering of industry representatives, in Grimsby.
New control measures stir opposition
Republic of Ireland The fisheries authorities have decided to implement new measures to regulate the fish weighing system due to alleged irregularities detected in factories, but they have generated reject from fishermen and processors.
Intact colossal squid sliced open
New Zealand A 350-kilogram colossal squid (Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni), which had been caught in Antarctic waters last summer and kept in a freezer since then, was finally sliced open by a team of researchers from the Te Papa museum, in Wellington.