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Blue Harbor Fish Co. Provides Sustainably-Caught Albacore Tuna
(8/15/2016) - UNITED STATES
Cool Logistics Asia and Seafood Expo Asia Create Perishable Logistics Week
(8/11/2016) - HONG KONG
The First Ever Alaska Wild Salmon Day Is August 10
(8/10/2016) - UNITED STATES
Polar Seafood Expands Norway Operations
(8/9/2016) - DENMARK
Aquaculture Technology Company Makes Breakthrough in Ammonia and Nitrite Mitigation
(8/8/2016) - UNITED STATES
Blue Apron Partners with Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch
(8/4/2016) - UNITED STATES
Borneo Aqua Harvest Committed on Growing Aquaculture Business
(8/3/2016) - MALAYSIA
Rio 2016 Serves Up Responsibly Sourced Seafood
(8/1/2016) - BRAZIL
Sustainable Seafood from British Columbia
(7/28/2016) - CANADA
Jamestown Seafood Introduces Oysters from Sequim Bay
(7/27/2016) - UNITED STATES
Fish Transport System Moves Fish Without Compromising Quality
(7/26/2016) - UNITED STATES
iFarm – Cermaq Towards Individual-Based Farming
(7/21/2016) - NORWAY
Seacon America Commits to Sustainable, Artisanal Seafood
(7/20/2016) - UNITED STATES
La Sirena Hires Internet Advertising Company to Market its Canned Seafood Products
(7/19/2016) - UNITED STATES
Raisio Invests in Fish Feed Production
(7/14/2016) - FINLAND
Kroger Announces Sustainability Goals for 2020
(7/12/2016) - UNITED STATES
Gadre Marine Export Targets Doubling Revenue this Fiscal Year
(7/11/2016) - INDIA
Handy International Incorporated Announces Corporate Name Change
(7/8/2016) - UNITED STATES
Take Action, Protect the Ocean
(7/5/2016) - WORLDWIDE
BioMar Takes a Value Chain Approach to Sustainability
(7/4/2016) - DENMARK

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Vietnam’s largest fishmeal factory starts operations
Viet Nam The largest fishmeal factory in Vietnam, which required a USD 3 million investment, has just started its operations in the province of Ca Mau, in the south of the country.
Fishermen sue Taiwanese steel firm over massive fish kill
Viet Nam Hundreds of Vietnamese fishermen have sued a Taiwanese steel company, accusing it of dropping toxic chemicals that caused a massive fish kill off the central Vietnamese coast in April.
China to invest USD 3 billion on fisheries and aquaculture projects
Iran The agriculture ministers of Iran and China signed two fisheries and aquaculture cooperation deals to boost bilateral ties in those two sectors.
First 'marine monument' created in the Atlantic
United States The United States Government has created the Atlantic Ocean's first marine national monument, saying that the new protected area was a needed response to risky climate changes, ocean dead zones and unsustainable fishing practices.