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Clearwater Increases Investment in Market Leading Arctic Surf Clam Fishery
(2/8/2017) - CANADA
Marel Launches New High-Speed Linerless Labeler at Seafood Expo North America 2017
(2/6/2017) - UNITED STATES
World's First Electric Powered Quiet and Efficient Trawler
(2/2/2017) - NETHERLANDS
Seafoodia Achieves IFFO RS Certification
(2/1/2017) - FRANCE
World's First Pizza Chain to switch to 100 Percent Sustainable Seafood
(1/31/2017) - FINLAND
Underwater Drones Tackle Inspections Ensuring Fish Health
(1/30/2017) - CANADA
Oyster Farm is First to Gain ASC Certification in France
(1/26/2017) - FRANCE
Young’s Seafood Announces Appointment to Drive its International Business Programme
(1/24/2017) - UNITED KINGDOM
Manischewitz Company Obtains Friend of the Sea Certification
(1/23/2017) - UNITED STATES
Grieg Seafood Installs SUB-CHILLING™ System from Skaginn 3X
(1/19/2017) - ICELAND
NFI's Future Leaders Volunteer at Food Bank with SeaShare
(1/18/2017) - UNITED STATES
Wild Alaska Salmon: A Prized Healthy & High Quality Lean Protein Source
(1/17/2017) - UNITED STATES
American Seafoods Names New CEO
(1/16/2017) - UNITED STATES
Chicken of the Sea Will Reward Americans for Eating More Seafood in the New Year
(1/11/2017) - UNITED STATES
DSM President Hugh Welsh Named Board Chairman of SNP
(1/10/2017) - UNITED STATES
GAA Upgrades Online Presence With Launch Of Portal
(1/9/2017) - UNITED STATES
Shore Sets New Organisation Structure
(1/5/2017) - NETHERLANDS
GeneSeas Aquacultura's New Facility Receives BAP Certification
(1/4/2017) - BRAZIL
Premium Aquaculture and Gourmet Seafood Producer
(1/3/2017) - SINGAPORE
Sea Lice Laser Company Obtains Fresh Capital
(12/21/2016) - NORWAY

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Commercial disasters declared for nine West Coast fisheries
United Nations The Commerce Secretariat determined that nine salmon and crab fisheries in Alaska, California and Washington experienced commercial failures, which will enable fishing communities to seek disaster relief assistance from Congress.
ICES identifies 'substantial' species distribution shifts
Denmark A total of 16 out of 21 species examined by experts of the Workshop on Fish Distribution Shifts in response to a request from the EC have shown changes in their distributions across the northeast Atlantic since 1985, with hake and mackerel shifting the most.
Govt. restructures aquaculture action plan in floating cages
Philippines Laguna Lake Development Authority has decided to open up Laguna Lake and demolish thirty corporate and individually-owned fish pens.
EU advocates for stopping unregulated fisheries in Arctic
European Union The European Union participated in the fourth round of international negotiations in Reykjavik, Iceland, intended to bind measures to prevent unregulated fisheries in the Arctic high seas.