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RISE: Robots in Service of the Environment to Solve Large-Scale Environmental Challenges
(3/30/2017) - UNITED STATES
First Scandinavian Hotel Group Offers Guests Sustainable Seafood
(3/29/2017) - NORWAY
FoS and API Sign Collaboration Agreement for Environment Sustainability
(3/28/2017) - ITALY
VIV Asia 2017 Estimates a Monumental Breakthrough in Business Negotiations
(3/27/2017) - THAILAND
German Federal Office for Agriculture and Food Awards Damen Fisheries Research Vessel Contract
(3/23/2017) - NETHERLANDS
Patagonia Mussel Featured their Prestigious Shellfish for the First Time at Seafood Expo North America
(3/22/2017) - CHILE
Unique Cooperative Programme is Seeking to Raise USD 75,000 by the End of March
(3/21/2017) - UNITED STATES
Linde Helps Spark Growth in Prepared Seafood and Aquaculture
(3/16/2017) - UNITED STATES
The AquaBioTech Group announces their participation in the Global Forum for Innovation in Agriculture
Fisa to Launch Supra HDPE Netting at Seafood Expo North America
(3/13/2017) - PERU
SeaPak Rolls Out New Brand Campaign
(3/9/2017) - UNITED STATES
A Celebration of Women in the Seafood Industry
(3/8/2017) - WORLDWIDE
Hy-Vee Now Offers 100 Percent Fair Trade Certified Tuna
(3/6/2017) - UNITED STATES
Sainsbury’s Named the "Best Sustainable Seafood Supermarket in the World"
(3/2/2017) - UNITED KINGDOM
Patagonia SeaFarms Now Offers Four-Star BAP Salmon
(3/1/2017) - CHILE
Technical visits at Offshore Mariculture Mexico
(3/1/2017) - MEXICO
SONGA Now Capable Of Offering Four-Star BAP Shrimp
(2/24/2017) - ECUADOR
Bumble Bee Introduces Bold New Flavours and Premium Protein Snacks
(2/21/2017) - UNITED STATES
Marine Harvest to Start Value-Added Production in British Columbia
(2/20/2017) - CANADA
World Leading Aquaculture Technology Delivers Sustainable Premium Products
(2/16/2017) - AUSTRALIA

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Canning association offers R&D to biotechnology companies
Spain The canning association ANFACO-CECOPESCA offered the biotechnology sector of Galicia its R&D in blue biotechnology to advance in the creation of new functional compounds.
IOTC takes action in Indonesia
United Kingdom Decision makers meeting at the annual session of the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission in Indonesia considered 16 proposals aimed at enhancing the management of the tuna fisheries in the Indian Ocean, which was encouraging by the International Pole & Line Foundation.
ISSF’s report highlights tuna fishery sustainability progress
Worldwide The International Seafood Sustainability Foundation has released its 2016 annual report outlining tuna sustainability achievements and arguing for continuous improvement of global tuna fisheries through collaboration and advocacy.
DHL Global Forwarding to keep the Norwegian seafood moving
Norway DHL Global Forwarding is to accelerate the supply chain for the North Norwegian seafood industry by shipping live crabs and seafood from the Lakselv Airport Banak in Northern Norway to Asia and Northern America.