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Creative Seafood Products Made with the Finest Fish
(4/12/2016) - GERMANY
Five Years After Tsunami, Japanese Oyster Farms Celebrate ASC Certification
(4/11/2016) - JAPAN
Quick, Flavourful And Healthy Restaurant Dining From Your Kitchen
(4/8/2016) - UNITED STATES
Creators of New Seafood Trends
(4/6/2016) - POLAND
SAFCOL Tuna Named Australia's Most Fish Friendly Company
(4/4/2016) - AUSTRALIA
Carrefour Italy Commits to Sustainable Seafood
(3/31/2016) - ITALY
Crowd-harvesting’ Brings Seaweed Pasta to Australia
(3/31/2016) - NETHERLANDS
Reinventing the Seafood Business
(3/29/2016) - CANADA
Scottish Salmon is the Best of British
(3/28/2016) - UNITED KINGDOM
Birds Eye Relaunches Core Range
(3/23/2016) - UNITED KINGDOM
Aquaculture Getting Smart-er
(3/21/2016) - EUROPEAN UNION
Farmed Fish With Wild Flavour
(3/17/2016) - ITALY
Coldwater Prawns of Norway AS confirmed Friend of the Sea
(3/16/2016) - NORWAY
Pioneer in Producing Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable Seafood
(3/15/2016) - ICELAND
Quality Seafood Deserves Quality Processing
(3/15/2016) - BELGIUM
The Finest Sustainable Wild Caught Shrimp in the Market
(3/10/2016) - UNITED STATES
Anova Food's Fair Trade Certified Indonesian Handline Tuna Fishery Program Continues to Grow
(3/9/2016) - INDONESIA
Taylor Shellfish First Farm in U.S. to Achieve ASC Certification
(3/8/2016) - UNITED STATES
Seafood Excellence Awards Winners Announced
(3/7/2016) - UNITED STATES
First Latin American Company To Offer Four-Star BAP Tilapia
(3/3/2016) - GUATEMALA

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HSMI evidence detected in farmed salmon
Canada A team of international researchers has diagnosed a potential heart and skeletal muscle inflammation in farmed Atlantic salmon samples collected from a BC aquaculture facility in 2013-2014.
EU puts off deadline for Thailand to address illegal fishing
Thailand The EU has given Thailand another six months to end illegal fishing over a year after Brussels threatened Bangkok with a ban on Thai seafood product import.
Sturgeon stock decline urgently needs stopping, WWF warns
Worldwide A new WWF report warns that in the past three decades global catches of sturgeons and paddlefishes have dropped by over 99 per cent.
Fishing vessel fleet monitoring equipment installation sped up
New Zealand New Zealand's Government intends to speed up the rollout of monitoring equipment on commercial fishing vessels.