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Marel Improves the Processing Flow
(4/13/2015) - BELGIUM
IKEA Takes a New Course in Its Food Offering
(4/9/2015) - NETHERLANDS
Artisan Bistro Announces New MSC Certified Sustainably-Caught Frozen Seafood Bowls
(4/8/2015) - UNITED STATES
Chanduy Shrimp Farm Attains ASC Certification
(4/6/2015) - ECUADOR
Slapfish Expansion Booms in 2015
(4/1/2015) - UNITED STATES
Un-Cruise Adventures Becomes First Cruise Line to Partner With Seafood Watch
(3/31/2015) - UNITED STATES
Verlasso Launches Sustainable Seafood Cookbook
(3/30/2015) - CHILE
Wild Planet Albacore Meets Premium Spanish Olive Oil
(3/26/2015) - UNITED STATES
Blue North Introduces World’s First Initiative to Ensure Humane Harvesting of Wild Fish
(3/25/2015) - UNITED STATES
Hansung Launches New Surimi Product
(3/24/2015) - SOUTH KOREA
Sæmark’s Icelandic Longline Cod and Haddock Gain Sustainable Certification
(3/23/2015) - ICELAND
Handline Yellowfin and Pole and Line Skipjack Tuna from Ensis Fisheries Obtain Sustainable Certification
(3/19/2015) - MALDIVES
Acme Smoked Fish Opens Largest Smoked Salmon Facility in the U.S.
(3/18/2015) - UNITED STATES
Certified Belt Weigher Raises Industry Standard
(3/17/2015) - ICELAND
True North Salmon Now Offering BAP Four-Star Certified Salmon
(3/16/2015) - CANADA
Toppits Is First In Canada to Offer Gluten-Free and MSC Certified Breaded Fish
(3/12/2015) - CANADA
High Liner Foods Introduces New Pulled BBQ Salmon
(3/11/2015) - CANADA
Farmed Sole Certified Sustainable
(3/10/2015) - SPAIN
Skuna Bay Salmon Partners with Pacific Seafood
(3/9/2015) - CANADA
Birds Eye Introduces its First Wholegrain Fish Fingers
(3/5/2015) - UNITED KINGDOM

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Improved biodiesel from fish and cooking oil
Spain Researchers from Granada (Spain) and Campina (Brazil) Universities succeeded in developing a new type of biodiesel that is more resistant to oxidation from mixing fish oil with cooking oil.
Mass farmed salmon deaths raises concerns in Tasmania
Australia The deaths of hundreds of tonnes of salmon in a storm event that took place in Tasmania's west coast have reignited concerns about the environmental health of the Macquire harbour zone, which is home to large-scale fish farms.
Genetics provide new hope for endangered freshwater mussels
United States A piece of the restoration puzzle to save populations of endangered freshwater mussels may have been found, according to a recent US Geological Survey led study.
StarKist accepts to pay USD 12 million in class action settlement
United States StarKist Co. has agreed to pay USD 12 million in a class action settlement over allegations presented in 2013 for breach of warranty, unjust enrichment, fraud and violations of California consumer protection laws.