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Denholm Seafoods Gets New Packaging Equipment to Improve Efficiency and Increase Capacity
(10/12/2016) - UNITED KINGDOM
A Strong Research Initiative in Aquaculture has been Established in the Southern Hemisphere
(10/11/2016) - CHILE
Wild, Sustainable Cod, Pure as the Bering Sea’s Icy Blue Waters
(10/7/2016) - UNITED STATES
Seafood - Selecting and Serving It Safely
(10/5/2016) - UNITED STATES
Korean Company Chemport Achieves Friend of the Sea certification for Omega 3
(10/4/2016) - SOUTH KOREA
Farmed Norwegian Fjord Trout; Purity on a Plate
(10/3/2016) - UNITED KINGDOM
How Target and Partners Teamed Up to Make Seafood Sourcing More Sustainable
(9/29/2016) - UNITED STATES
Fish and Plants, Working Together
(9/28/2016) - UNITED STATES
Integrated Aquaculture Platforms Through Advances in Open Ocean Technology
(9/27/2016) - UNITED STATES
Vietnam's Aquaculture Takes The Spotlight at Aquaculture 2016
(9/26/2016) - VIET NAM
Clearwater and Grand Bank Celebrate 25 Years of Innovation Leadership with New Investment
(9/14/2016) - CANADA
Chicken of the Sea Launches Seafood Digital Traceability Initiative
(9/13/2016) - UNITED STATES
Innovative Fish Cage System for Farming Hamachi
(9/12/2016) - JAPAN
Sysco Expands Industry-Leading Seafood Sustainability Initiative
(9/8/2016) - UNITED STATES
Antarctica Advisors Advises Sea Watch International in the Acquisition of Bar Harbor Foods
(9/7/2016) - UNITED STATES
CTB to Acquire Majority Share in Danish Processing Equipment Provider
(9/6/2016) - UNITED STATES
Associated Seafoods Scoops Moray Export Award
(9/5/2016) - UNITED KINGDOM
Marel to Host Second Whitefish ShowHow
(9/1/2016) - DENMARK
Sirius Brazil is Offering Exotic Farmed Pirarucu from the Amazon River
(8/31/2016) - BRAZIL
Orca Bay Seafoods Launches New eCommerce Site
(8/30/2016) - UNITED STATES

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First marine industrial zone cannery would start operations in 2017
Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea government is planning to launch its Pacific Marine Industrial Zone project in Madang Province in the first quarter of 2017, just before the general elections.
Patrol vessel to help combat illegal fishing in Ross Sea
New Zealand Patrol vessel HMNZS Wellington departs for the Southern Ocean to monitor the annual fishing season in the Ross Sea region in an attempt to stamp out IUU fishing in the area.
Resolution excluding squid trawlers repealed
Argentina The Federal Fisheries Council has finally gone back on a controversial ruling excluding trawlers from squid fishing after receiving strong criticism from entrepreneurs from Mar del Plata and trade unions.
New fishing boat could boost Mombasa’s industry
Kenya The Government of Mombasa expects that a 10-ton modern deep sea fishing vessel built in that city would contribute to boost the fishing industry in the zone.