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FCF Signs Agreement to Provide MSC-Certified Tuna
(1/19/2015) - TAIWAN
Malcolm the Cat: the Star of Young’s Seafood’s New Multi-Million Advertising Campaign
(1/15/2015) - UNITED KINGDOM
Delicius Anchovies Certified Sustainable
(1/14/2015) - ITALY
International Smart Gear Competition 2014 Winners
(1/13/2015) - UNITED STATES
Findus Group Set to Acquire La Cocinera Frozen Ready Meal Business in Spain
(1/12/2015) - UNITED KINGDOM
Pete Ward Appointed as CEO of Young’s Seafood Limited
(1/8/2015) - UNITED KINGDOM
Mosca Provides Versatile and Cost Effective Strapping Solutions for Processors
(1/6/2015) - UNITED STATES
Excellent Products Start with Excellent Ingredients
(1/5/2015) - GERMANY
Ancient Mediterranean Tradition Delivers Exquisite Marinated Seafood
(12/23/2014) - UNITED KINGDOM
Plastic Price Tags Meet Regulatory Compliance Without Compromising on Quality
(12/22/2014) - FRANCE
Iglo Group and MSC Spread Sustainability Net Across Europe
(12/18/2014) - UNITED KINGDOM
Consumers Give Vote of Confidence in New Metal Packaging Recycling Mark
(12/17/2014) - BELGIUM
High Liner Foods Opens New U.S. Headquarters
(12/16/2014) - CANADA
Clearwater Seafoods wins Rabobank Innovation Award
(12/15/2014) - CANADA
SuccorfishM2M Winners of Design Innovation at RTC North Awards
(12/11/2014) - UNITED KINGDOM
Marel Ready for New EU Labeling Rules
(12/10/2014) - ICELAND
Socially and Environmentally Committed Ghanaian Tilapia Farm
(12/9/2014) - GHANA
Northern Harvest First Salmon Company To Obtain Four-Star BAP Status
(12/8/2014) - CANADA
Oceana Elects New Leadership for Board of Directors
(12/4/2014) - UNITED STATES
First ASC Certified Shrimp Products Have Been Launched To The Market
(12/3/2014) - GERMANY

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Mussel oil has helps reduce post-exercise muscle damage
United States An Indiana University study has revealed that there may be a greater connection between mussels and muscles than previously thought.
Easter Pacific coastal countries seek to improve tuna management
Worldwide Representatives of the Eastern Pacific that are members of the IATTC met in Panama with global experts to discuss aspects of managing a sustainable tuna fisheries.
Cargill invests USD 8 million in new fish feed plant
Mexico The Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food and the governor of Puebla have launched Nutripec, a formulated fish feed production plant, installed in Tehuacan by Cargill.
Commissioner seeks to strengthen EU-Morocco fisheries partnership
European Union Last week the European Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries visited the third edition of the Salon Halieutis, organised under the high patronage of King Mohamed VI, to underline the importance of the fisheries partnership and cooperation between the EU and Morocco.