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Aramark Transitions to 100% Sustainably Sourced Tuna
(10/16/2015) - UNITED STATES
Globecomm and MariConnect Deliver M2M and VSAT Solutions to Global Fishing Fleets
(10/14/2015) - ICELAND
Seafood Nutrition Partnership Honours Tailwind Partner Donors
(10/12/2015) - UNITED STATES
Organic Shrimp from Virgin Mangroves
(10/9/2015) - ECUADOR
Purest Tradition in the Fish Canning Sector
(10/8/2015) - SPAIN
The Perfect Conditions for Salmon Farming
(10/7/2015) - NORWAY
Revolutionary New Seafood Storage Product
(10/6/2015) - UNITED STATES
Vegetables from the Sea
(10/5/2015) - SPAIN
Natural and Environmentally Friendly Food Processing Technology
(10/2/2015) - SPAIN
Sustainable Year Round Oyster Production
(10/1/2015) - MEXICO
Exceptional Sustainable Wild-Caught Crayfish
(9/30/2015) - SPAIN
World Leading Producer of Quality Seafood Products
(9/29/2015) - UNITED STATES
Delicious and Crispy Tapas
(9/28/2015) - SPAIN
Londoners Now Have Access to Sustainable Seafood
(9/24/2015) - UNITED KINGDOM
Half a Century of Expertise
(9/23/2015) - GREECE
Fishermen’s Finest: A Team of Excellence
(9/22/2015) - UNITED STATES
King of Quality
(9/21/2015) - CANADA
Eastern Fisheries Grows Global Presence with Opening a Sixth Processing Facility
(9/17/2015) - UNITED STATES
StarKist Creations Offers Five New Ways To Reel-In The Health Benefits Of Seafood
(9/16/2015) - UNITED STATES
Seafood Champion Awards Finalists Unveiled
(9/15/2015) - HONG KONG

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Nanotechnology becomes new technological tool to develop seafood
Spain Anfaco-Cecopesca, through its Technology Centre, is developing an ambitious R+D+i project aimed at the enhancement of marine resources for the production of bioactive compounds and the design of functional foods, applying nanotechnology as essential facilitating technology.
Scientists reveal ocean fish camouflage secrets
United States A team of scientists from the University of Texas, Austin, has found out that certain fish use microscopic structures called platelets in their skin cells to reflect polarized light, which allows the fish to seemingly disappear from their predators.
Spanish vessels may fish in Mauritania 'before Christmas'
Spain The Secretary General of Fisheries confirmed that the Spanish fleet can resume fishing activities in Mauritanian waters before Christmas, following the entry into force of the fisheries agreement between the EU and Mauritania.
Pew urges WCPFC to improve tuna fisheries
Worldwide The non-government organisation Pew Charitable Trusts has released its policy recommendations for the upcoming meeting of the members of the WCPFC, requesting its members to improve management of tuna fisheries in the western and central Pacific.