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Certified Belt Weigher Raises Industry Standard
(3/17/2015) - ICELAND
True North Salmon Now Offering BAP Four-Star Certified Salmon
(3/16/2015) - CANADA
Toppits Is First In Canada to Offer Gluten-Free and MSC Certified Breaded Fish
(3/12/2015) - CANADA
High Liner Foods Introduces New Pulled BBQ Salmon
(3/11/2015) - CANADA
Farmed Sole Certified Sustainable
(3/10/2015) - SPAIN
Skuna Bay Salmon Partners with Pacific Seafood
(3/9/2015) - CANADA
Birds Eye Introduces its First Wholegrain Fish Fingers
(3/5/2015) - UNITED KINGDOM
World Leader in Caviar Production from Farmed Sturgeon Gets Sustainable Certification
(3/4/2015) - ITALY
Mt Cook Alpine Salmon Honoured as World’s Best in Ecological Sustainability
(3/3/2015) - NEW ZEALAND
Handy International to Debut New Booth at 2015 Annual Boston Seafood Show
(3/2/2015) - UNITED STATES
Bakkafrost’s Best Result Ever
(2/24/2015) - FAROE ISLANDS
Linde Cryogenics Elevates Seafood Productivity and Quality
(2/23/2015) - UNITED STATES
Roberto Rodríguez Orro, New General Manager of Ibercisa
(2/19/2015) - SPAIN
Ora King Salmon Rated Best Choice by Seafood Watch
(2/18/2015) - NEW ZEALAND
Large UK Seafood Industry Delegation to 10th NASF in Bergen
(2/17/2015) - NORWAY
A Value-Adding Salmon ShowHow
(2/16/2015) - DENMARK
2015 Seafood Champion Award Winners Honored at the SeaWeb Seafood Summit
(2/12/2015) - UNITED STATES
Sea Delight LLC Announces Sustainable Seafood Policy
(2/11/2015) - UNITED STATES
ASDOMAR Renews its Sustainable Certification
(2/10/2015) - ITALY
Chicken of the Sea to Acquire Orion Seafood
(2/9/2015) - UNITED STATES

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Govt encourages fishing sector to take advantage of current benefits
Namibia Considering the advantageous situation the Namibian fishing industry is experiencing at present Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources urged the whole sector to create fuel reserves and invest in their operations.
Land-raised Atlantic salmon makes headway into the market
Canada A year after being launched into the market, KUTERRA Land Raised™ Atlantic salmon has shown it is possible to produce a high-quality, sustainably farmed premium salmon using very little energy, water or land, without antibiotics or pesticides.
EFJ praises EU's measures against IUU
Thailand EFJ welcomes the EU’s decision to withdraw South Korea from the list of countries that do not take the necessary measures to prevent, deter and eradicate pirate fishing in addition to sending warnings to Thailand for not working on this issue.
New anti-shrimp pesticide permit granted to oyster growers
United States Shellfish growers from Washington state have been granted a permit for use of a common household pesticide to combat a growing population of burrowing shrimp in Willapa Bay and Grays Harbor.