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Matlaw's Introduces Exciting and Creative New Seafood Products
(3/18/2014) - UNITED STATES
Clearwater Hits Mark on Innovation With New Product Line
(3/17/2014) - CANADA
Revolutionary New Seafood Storage Product
(3/13/2014) - UNITED STATES
Alaska Seafood Releases New eCookbook for Kids
(3/12/2014) - UNITED STATES
Marel Introduces ProCon Flowline at the Seafood Expo North America
(3/11/2014) - UNITED STATES
2014 Seafood Excellence Awards Finalists Announced
(3/10/2014) - UNITED STATES
Learn How to Maximize Your Aquaculture Operation With Minimal Heat Cost
(3/6/2014) - CANADA
NGOs Renew Calls for National Sustainable Seafood Day in Canada
(3/5/2014) - CANADA
A New Approach to Salmon Farming in Harmony With Nature
(3/4/2014) - ICELAND
Marel Introduces the Next Generation of Whitefish Processing Lines
(3/3/2014) - ICELAND
Technology for Fisheries Monitoring and Surveillance
(2/27/2014) - UNITED STATES
Panda Express Lures Seafood Lovers with New Fish Premium Entrée
(2/26/2014) - UNITED STATES
Software Company Anahata Offers Services to Seafood Industry
(2/25/2014) - AUSTRALIA
Oceana Announces USD 3 Million Grant from Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation
(2/24/2014) - UNITED STATES
Top Chef Raymond Blanc Turns Detective for New Animated Series
(2/21/2014) - UNITED KINGDOM
True Entrepreneurial Spirit
(2/19/2014) - AUSTRALIA
Extensive Experience in High Quality Fishmeals and Fish Oils
(2/18/2014) - SPAIN
Climate Change Will Influence the Seafood Industry
(2/17/2014) - NORWAY
Kyuquot Sound Black Cod Launches into Europe
(2/13/2014) - CANADA
Canned Fish Experts
(2/12/2014) - MOROCCO

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Greenpeace makes strong claims at bluefin tuna auction
Taiwan Amid Greenpeace’s protests for better protection measures to be implemented for the bluefin tuna, the sale of the first landing of the species took place in the framework of the first Pingtung Bluefin Tuna Cultural Festival.
Climatic changes pose serious threats to the fishing sector
India The fisheries sector in Kerala could experience a strong impact due to climatic change, according to a report prepared by the Department of Environment and Climate Change.
Chinese market becomes an alternative to deal with invasive carp
United States The Chinese market could be the solution to free rivers and lakes in the United States from invasive carp species.
No signs of herring seen in Togiak
United States The first aerial survey of the Togiak District conducted by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game this week finished without spotting herring schools in the fishery.