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QCS Aquaponics Food Safety Certification Program will Launch in August
(6/16/2014) - UNITED STATES
Long John Silver’s Endorses BAP Certification Program
(6/12/2014) - UNITED STATES
Fisheries ‘Holy Trinity’ Feature in New Film
(6/11/2014) - UNITED KINGDOM
L’Aquaculture Tunisienne Sea-bass and Sea-bream Certified Sustainable
(6/10/2014) - TUNISIA
Clearwater Seafoods Wins Esteemed Canadian Grand Prix New Product Award
(6/9/2014) - CANADA
Premium Pastas Made with Heart-Healthy Seafood
(6/5/2014) - HONG KONG
Australis Barramundi Ranked A Best Choice For Sustainability
(6/3/2014) - UNITED STATES
Vitsab, the Sign of Freshness
(6/2/2014) - SWEDEN
The Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition Returns from 25-27 September 2014
(5/28/2014) - ICELAND
Deadline Approaching: The Nor-Fishing Foundation Innovation Prize 2014
(5/27/2014) - NORWAY
Hy-Vee Nets Prestigious National Recognition For Environmentally Responsible Seafood Efforts
(5/26/2014) - UNITED STATES
Customized Solutions for Your Seafood
(5/22/2014) - FRANCE
Craemer`s new Tracking & Tracing Fish Box
(5/21/2014) - GERMANY
Bakkafrost Obtains Highest Margins Ever Per Kilo
(5/20/2014) - FAROE ISLANDS
The Finest Caviar from the Yunnan-Tibet Plateau
(5/19/2014) - CHINA
Nordic Naturals Reveals Unique Vertical Integration Process
(5/15/2014) - UNITED STATES
Deep-Water Rose Shrimps from Manno's Brothers Now Certified Sustainable
(5/14/2014) - ITALY
The Good Fish Company Launches New Seafood Convenience Range
Fresh Fish, Fresh Ideas
(5/12/2014) - UNITED STATES
Kermarée and Vilsund Blue Take Top Honors at 2014 Seafood Prix d’Elite
(5/8/2014) - BELGIUM

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Codex once again discusses biotoxin standards in bivalve molluscs
Chile The Chilean government managed to have the proposed performance criteria for identification methods of marine biotoxins in live and raw bivalve molluscs once again discussed at the general meeting of the Codex Alimentarius, held in Geneva, Switzerland.
Genetically improved tilapia delivered to Ivory Coast
Brazil A shipment of genetically improved tilapia was delivered this week to the Government of Ivory Coast by the head of the Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture from Brazil continuing a relation that started more than four decades ago.
IATTC fails to improve tuna and shark conservation
European Union The European Commission has expressed its disappointment with the outcomes of the 87th Annual meeting of the Inter American Tropical Tuna Commission, which finished on 18 July in Lima, Peru.
Squid skin protein can boost bioelectronics
United States A team of researchers has discovered that reflectin, a protein in the skin of the common pencil squid (Loliginidae) can conduct positive electrical charges, or protons, making it a promising material for building biologically inspired devices.