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Fisheries Science in Action
(7/22/2015) - UNITED KINGDOM
Yellowfin Tuna and Swordfish from Sri Lanka Confirmed Friend of the Sea
(7/21/2015) - SRI LANKA
Santé Naturelle’s Omega 3 Supplements Achieve Sustainable Certification
(7/20/2015) - CANADA
Lumar Seafood International and SFP Announce New Partnership
(7/16/2015) - SPAIN
Microsoft Co-Founder Launchs Sustainable Fish Certification Program
(7/15/2015) - UNITED STATES
Almarin Launches Balizamar Mooring Buoys
(7/14/2015) - SPAIN
Safe Catch Launches Tuna with Lowest Mercury Limit of Any Brand
(7/13/2015) - UNITED STATES
Santa Monica Seafood Completes Acquisition of American Fish
(7/8/2015) - UNITED STATES
East Coast Seafood and Garbo Lobster Take Investment in Lobster JV
(7/7/2015) - UNITED STATES
It's All About the Fish
(7/6/2015) - NORWAY
Unsurpassed Freshness, Quality & Taste
(7/2/2015) - CANADA
Innovative Seafood Products from La Coruña
(7/1/2015) - SPAIN
Friend of the Sea Launches School Awareness Project in Hong Kong
(6/30/2015) - HONG KONG
Passion and Expertise Deliver High Quality Fish
(6/29/2015) - FINLAND
Hong Kong in the Spotlight as Seafood Expo Asia Returns
(6/25/2015) - HONG KONG
Supremely Delicious Seafood
(6/24/2015) - UNITED STATES
Sustainable and Recyclable Temperature-Sensitive Packaging Solution
(6/23/2015) - UNITED STATES
Linde Automated Box Chilling System Speeds Seafood and Meat Packing
(6/22/2015) - UNITED STATES
Propagating Seaweed for a Sustainable Future
(6/18/2015) - NETHERLANDS
BioMar Chooses Karmøy for a New High-Efficiency Production Line
(6/17/2015) - DENMARK

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Shrimp trawling responsible for the highest bycatch
Worldwide Shrimp trawling accounts for more bycatch volume than any other fishery type but efforts to reduce bycatch can make a positive difference, concludes a report about bycatch in the wild shrimp sector released by Sustainable Fisheries Partnership.
Nestle accused of using slave-caught fish
United States Swiss food giant Nestle is being sued in the United States for allegedly purchasing fish from a Thai supplier suspected of being involved in slave labour.
NOAA Fisheries unveils climate science strategy
United States NOAA provided regional fisheries managers and stakeholders with information they need to reduce the effects of climate change and build resilience.
Vietnamese crab exports grow in first seven months
Viet Nam Vietnamese crab exports achieved a 6 per cent increase in the first seven months, compared to the same period last year, and were destined to 34 markets, after other six markets were added to the 28 existing ones, VASEP informed.