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DSM President Hugh Welsh Named Board Chairman of SNP
(1/10/2017) - UNITED STATES
GAA Upgrades Online Presence With Launch Of Portal
(1/9/2017) - UNITED STATES
Shore Sets New Organisation Structure
(1/5/2017) - NETHERLANDS
GeneSeas Aquacultura's New Facility Receives BAP Certification
(1/4/2017) - BRAZIL
Premium Aquaculture and Gourmet Seafood Producer
(1/3/2017) - SINGAPORE
Sea Lice Laser Company Obtains Fresh Capital
(12/21/2016) - NORWAY
The Future of Fish Farming
(12/21/2016) - NORWAY
Simply Pure Salmon
(12/20/2016) - NORWAY
Kiribati First Tuna Plant Starts Coop With Pacifical
(12/14/2016) - KIRIBATI
Glud & Marstrand Presents Conical Hansa Can
(12/13/2016) - DENMARK
PITIA Launches New Website
(12/12/2016) - SOLOMON ISLANDS
Orkla Foods Sweden Now Carrying MSC Certified Pacifical Tuna
(12/9/2016) - SWEDEN
Epicore BioNetworks Inc. Reports First Quarter Results for Fiscal Year 2017
(12/7/2016) - UNITED STATES
New Global Energy Receives USDA National Organic Program Certification
(12/5/2016) - UNITED STATES
SUBWAY becomes a Member of the International Pole & Line Foundation
(12/2/2016) - UNITED STATES
Dog Owners Can Choose MSC With Two New Petcurean GATHER Formulas
(12/1/2016) - CANADA
Aquaculture Innovation Challenge Vietnam
(11/29/2016) - VIET NAM
Industrial Pesquera Santa Priscila Receives BAP Certification
(11/24/2016) - ECUADOR
Florida Institute Funds Panacea Oyster Co-Op Corp
(11/23/2016) - UNITED STATES
Scientists Look to Artificial Intelligence to Bring USD7 Billion Tuna Fishery Back into Balance
(11/21/2016) - UNITED STATES

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Fluorescent polymer detects mercury contamination in fish
Spain Researchers at the University of Burgos have manufactured a fluorescent polymer, called JG25, capable of detecting the presence of mercury, in both organic and inorganic form, in fish.
Global fisheries lose more than USD 80 billion a year, according to study
Worldwide A new report by the World Bank confirms that overexploitation is not a good strategy to manage a renewable natural resource like fish stocks, for steady profits, reliable jobs and long-term growth.
New World Currents satisfied with its results and perspectives
Chile The results obtained by New World Currents were highly satisfactory, according to its executive director, Eduardo Goycoolea.
Government proposes plan to resolve fishermen's strike
Iceland The Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture met with negotiating committees of Icelandic fishermen and representatives of fisheries after a full day of negotiations.