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KONGSBERG Provides Integrated Vessel Concept for Pelagic Trawler Newbuild
(6/12/2017) - NORWAY
Seafresh Group Benefits from the TrueCommerce EDI Managed Service
(6/8/2017) - UNITED KINGDOM
The James Beard Foundation Announces Launch of “Smart Catch” Sustainable Seafood Pilot Program for Restaurants
(6/7/2017) - UNITED STATES
Monterey Bay Aquarium 'Voice for the Ocean' at U.N. Ocean Conference
(6/6/2017) - UNITED STATES
InfiNet Wireless Provides Super-Fast Over-Water Transmission for Regal Springs Fish Farms
(6/5/2017) - MEXICO
Ghostly 600-Year-Old Predators Killing Whales, Dolphins, Seals and Turtles Every Year
(5/31/2017) - UNITED KINGDOM
BigFish Brand Launches Two New Smoked Products
(5/30/2017) - UNITED KINGDOM
First-of-its-Kind Oyster Shell Recycling Program Launches in Alabama
(5/29/2017) - UNITED STATES
DHL Optimizes Seafood Cold Chain from North Cape to U.S.
(5/26/2017) - GERMANY
Sea to Table Launches the First National Home Delivery Service
(5/24/2017) - UNITED STATES
Best First Quarter Result in the History of NRS
(5/23/2017) - NORWAY
UK First As Shoppers Set To Sample Certified Sustainable Western Pacific Tuna
(5/18/2017) - UNITED KINGDOM
Whole Foods Market Becomes Latest Retail Member of IPNLF
(5/17/2017) - UNITED STATES
Pingtan Marine Enterprise to Take Second Step to Enter Consumer Food Market
(5/15/2017) - CHINA
Hy-Vee Announces All Sushi Now 100 Percent Responsibly Sourced
(5/11/2017) - UNITED STATES
Albertsons Companies Becomes First Major Grocer to Sell Fair Trade Certified Scallops
(5/10/2017) - UNITED STATES
Aquafeed Processing and Formulation Focus of European Conference
(5/9/2017) - GERMANY
World's First Commercial Abalone Ranching Business
(5/8/2017) - AUSTRALIA
Get Set for Marel’s Third Whitefish ShowHow
(5/3/2017) - DENMARK
World Tuna Day
(5/2/2017) - PAPUA NEW GUINEA

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Zebrafish embryo cryopreservation achieved by using gold nanotechnology and laser
United States Researchers at the University of Minnesota and the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute have been able to provide the first-ever reproducible evidence for the successful cryopreservation of zebrafish embryos.
PSPA requests probe into foreign steel vessel construction
United States The Pacific Seafood Processor's Association is challenging a request for an exemption to a federal law limiting the amount of foreign steel allowed in fishing vessel construction.
Europêche requests further diplomatic support to renew Guinea-Bissau agreement
European Union The European long-distance fleet has requested the EU Commissioner for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries diplomatic support at the highest level to renew the agreement with Guinea-Bissau.
Greenland halibut latest research survey starts in NAFO zone
Spain The fishing and oceanographic research vessel Vizconde de Eza set sail from the port of St. John's in Newfoundland to begin the "Greenland halibut 3L 2017" survey in the ?Flemish Pass, Division 3L zone.