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Acme Smoked Fish Introduces New Reduced Fat Smoked Whitefish Salad
(11/11/2014) - UNITED STATES
MOM's Organic Market Launches Oyster Farm
(11/10/2014) - UNITED STATES
A Heritage of Five Generations
(11/6/2014) - PORTUGAL
Fresh Fish Delivered to Your Doorstep is Now Made Possible
(11/5/2014) - UNITED KINGDOM
Red Lobster Debuts New Menu
(11/4/2014) - UNITED STATES
MULTIVAC Builds New Distribution Centre
(11/3/2014) - GERMANY
Oceana Study Reveals Misrepresentation of America’s Favourite Seafood
(10/30/2014) - UNITED STATES
Atlantic Salmon Grown in RAS Result in a "Best Choice" Ranking
(10/29/2014) - CANADA
FDA Launches Online Learning Module to Help the Seafood Industry
(10/27/2014) - UNITED STATES
Gourmet Menus for All Ages
(10/23/2014) - SPAIN
Gorton's Seafood Reinvents the Iconic Fish Stick
(10/22/2014) - UNITED STATES
Chicken of the Sea Leverages its Salmon Leadership with New Flavoured Salmon Pouches
(10/20/2014) - UNITED STATES
Alaska Winter King and Snow Crab Season Opens
(10/16/2014) - UNITED STATES
Sun Shrimp from American Mariculture Will Revolutionize the US Shrimp Industry
(10/15/2014) - UNITED STATES
Media Indirectly Recognizes FIS's Global Leadership
(10/14/2014) - JAPAN
The Tristan Lobster Makes its European Debut
(10/13/2014) - UNITED KINGDOM
Sustainable Year Round Oyster Production
(10/9/2014) - MEXICO
Pesce Azzurro Cefalù Anchovies Achieve Sustainable Certification
(10/8/2014) - ITALY
New Seafood Calculator Spotlights Best Choices for Human Health, Healthy Oceans
(10/7/2014) - UNITED STATES
Mifco Hand Line Vessels Achieves Sustainable Certification
(10/6/2014) - MALDIVES

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Norwegian fish intake offers no concerning health risks
Norway Fish consumption benefits clearly outweigh its risks, since the current contaminant levels as well as that of other known undesirable substances offer no concern.
New labelling and biotoxin analysis worry mussel industry
Spain This Saturday the new rules of the EU allowing packaging mussel without explicit mention of the country of origin or the species used will come into force, which concerns raft fishermen and mussel farmers from Galicia.
Odisha seeks to increase seafood export to Portugal
India Odisha's Government proposes to boost seafood exports from this market to Portugal, given that this nation is one of those having the highest worldwide's per capita consumption of marine food.
Massachusetts AG calls for reauthorization of fisheries legistlation
United States In a letter sent on Friday to the Chair of the House Committee on Natural Resources, Attorney General of Massachusetts stated her strong support of the reauthorization of the Magnuson-Stevens Act.