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IN BRIEF - Good outcome for Scots fishermen at EU-Norway negotiations

Friday, January 18, 2013

Scottish fishermen have broadly welcomed the outcome of negotiations between the EU and Norway to decide upon catching allocations for shared stocks in 2013.

The bilateral talks concluded this morning, and against a background of recovering stocks and the scientific advice, quota increases were agreed for a number of key stocks including North Sea haddock (15% increase), North Sea whiting (11%), North Sea plaice (15%), North Sea saithe (15%), and North Sea herring (18%). The North Sea cod quota remains unchanged at the 2011 level, with a facility for boats to increase their cod catch further if they participate in catch quota trials. There was also a 15% increase for West of Scotland saithe.

For mackerel, a catch limit was set that followed scientific advice and which will maintain the EU and Norway’s traditional share of the total allowable catch. This is an arrangement that will signal the resolve of the EU and Norway against the background of continuing failure to achieve an international management agreement for the stock with Iceland and the Faroes.

Source: SFF - Scottish Fishermen’s Federation

IN BRIEF - USDA FSIS Constituent Update - FSIS to Hold Educational Meetings for Importers on Inspection of Siluriformes Fish

Saturday, February 13, 2016

FSIS will be conducting a series of educational meetings regarding the new final rule, “Mandatory Inspection of Fish of the Order Siluriformes and Products Derived from Such Fish,” which was published in the Federal Register on December 2, 2015. The purpose of the meetings is to explain and review the regulatory requirements contained in the final rule as they apply to importers. Regulations applying to the Siluriformes fish industry were adopted under the Federal Meat Inspection Act, as required under the 2008 and 2014 Farm Bills.

The final rule, which applies to both domestically-raised and imported Siluriformes fish, becomes effective March 1, 2016, with an 18-month transitional period. During the transitional period, FSIS will provide guidance and work with domestic establishments and importers to ensure that they understand FSIS’ requirements. The final rule, and additional information on the mandatory inspection of Siluriformes fish and fish products, is available on the FSIS web site at 

Questions regarding the mandatory inspection of fish of the order Siluriformes and products derived from such fish may be directed toAskFish@fsis.usda.gov.

IN BRIEF - Ocean Springs' favorite fisheries biologist gets boat named after him

Saturday, February 13, 2016

OCEAN SPRINGS - Jim Franks, longtime fisheries biologists and marine conservationist, has a research boat named after him.

The 60-foot, USD 2 million Jim Franks is the newest research vessel in USM Gulf Coast Research Lab’s fleet. It arrived the first week of February 2016 and will take the place of research vessel Tom McIlwain.

Franks is probably one of the best-known faces at the University of Southern Mississippi's coastal lab. Tall and lean, he has been on the job for 35 years and is still going. As a spokesman for the GCRL's Center for Fisheries Research and Development, he is often asked to speak to the public on marine environment matters, the lab said. He's seen at fishing tournaments.

In his field, Franks is best known for his work with bluefin tuna and sargassum, the huge floating mats of macroalgae that shelter the tiny larvae of many Gulf fish species.

Source: Sun Herald

IN BRIEF - Orkney allocated GBP 482k for fisheries sector

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Orkney has been allocated GBP 482,000 of funding to support the development of the fisheries sector and communities.

Orkney is one of eight areas in Scotland to benefit from the GBP 6.5 million made available through the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund, which provides funding to support fishermen, sustainable aquaculture, the processing sector and communities that depend on them.

The local funding will be administered by a Fisheries Local Action Group, a partnership of local representatives from the local fisheries sector and relevant public bodies and community groups.

Groups in the fishing and aquaculture industries, as well as fisheries based communities, will be able to apply for a share of the funds, with the priorities for funding locally being to facilitate the diversification and sustainable management of the local fisheries sector, development of new market opportunities and added value for fish products and support for initiatives for diversification in fisheries based communities.

Source: The Orcadian

IN BRIEF - Fire Forces 42 People To Abandon Ship

Saturday, February 13, 2016

A fire aboard the U.S.-flagged American Eagle fishing vessel forced 42 crew members to abandon ship Wednesday 10th of February 2016, federal authorities said.

The U.S. Coast Guard responded to the scene some 1,800 miles south of Hawaii, launching an HC-130 Hercules airplane crew from Air Station Barbers Point that arrived at 5:10 p.m.

In an update, the agency says it has successfully coordinated the rescue of all 42 people.

Source: Civil Beat

IN BRIEF - Romantic, sophisticated… and sustainable: Whole Foods first UK retailer to sell MSC certified oysters

Saturday, February 13, 2016

For the first time, seafood lovers hoping to impress their Valentine can show that they care about the future of the oceans, as well as the future of their romance, by serving up fresh, native European oysters that have been Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified as sustainable.

The sustainable shellfish, long associated with love and luxury, are being sold on fresh fish counters at four branches* of Whole Foods Market, making it the first grocery store in the UK to sell oysters with the MSC ecolabel. They are supplied by Southbank Fresh Fish, which provides many of London’s top restaurants with sustainable seafood.

Unlike rock oysters, which are available year-round, native oysters are typically only available in months with an ‘r’ in them – September to April – and are considered by many to be fuller-flavoured, making them a prized but affordable delicacy, at just GBP 1.50 each. Whole Foods’ native oysters have been sustainably sourced from Dutch waters and shipped to the UK.

Source: MSC

IN BRIEF - World Bank poised to put USD 4m into fisheries sector

Saturday, February 13, 2016

The World Bank plans to spend USD 4 million to boost Sierra Leone’s fishing industry, the World Bank Country Manager in Sierra Leone said Wednesday.

Mr. Parminder Brar said the programme, which is still under the design phase, is meant to boost the economy of the Ebola-ravaged West Africa country. He said the programme will involve the revival of a high tech monitoring system designed to forestall illegal fishing ongoing in the country.

Source: StarAfrica

IN BRIEF - Port State Measures Agreement Ratification

Saturday, February 13, 2016

On February the 10th of 2016, President Obama signed the instrument that will allow the United States to join the Port State Measures Agreement. This important step in the ratification process follows the passage by Congress of the bipartisan Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated (IUU) Fishing Enforcement Act of 2015 and brings the United States in line to become the twentieth party to ratify the Agreement.

By joining the Port State Measures Agreement, the United States commits to work together with other nations to prevent illegally caught fish from entering into commerce worldwide by reducing the number of ports where these fishing products can be unloaded and making it harder for bad actors to do business. I hope other countries around the world will work urgently to ratify this vital Agreement as well.

In September, I will host the third Our Ocean conference in Washington. Joined by partners across the globe, we will take further steps to stem the tide of illegal fishing. We owe it to ourselves and future generations to protect the ocean and its resources.

Source: US Department of State

IN BRIEF - Pacific fishing observer safety measures to be made mandatory

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Being an independent observer on board tuna vessels can prove to be a dangerous job.

Since 2010 at least three Papua New Guinean observers have gone missing, while the recent disappearance of American Keith Davies off Peru raised alarm bells internationally.

Now, fisheries authorities in the Pacific stand lose their observer accreditation from the Pacific Tuna Commission, if they don't adhere to new mandatory guidelines to ensure the security of observers.

The new guidelines include providing observers with two-way communicators and safety beacons when they go onboard fishing vessels.

The issue was discussed during the annual meeting for Pacific regional observer coordinators, at the Forum Fisheries Agency in Honiara.

Source: ABC

IN BRIEF - The fishery robot that became a celebrity

Saturday, February 13, 2016

When Marel reached the top, all eyes were fixed on them. In the centre of attention was a robot that cuts fish with water jets.

– It’s on the wall behind us here. The employees see it every day and it makes us extra proud.

Managing Director Stein Hendnes points at the diploma hanging on the wall. About a year and a half ago, the company received the Nor-Fishing Innovation Award. That gave the company NOK 100,000 plus a lot of attention.

– It’s really great to receive such an award. First of all, it gives us recognition for our innovation. In addition, it really helps in marketing, says Hendnes.

Press Release: Nor-Fishing


IN BRIEF - First octopus fishery achieves MSC certification

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Navia – In a world’s first, a Spanish octopus fishery has become certified to the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Fisheries Standard. Made up of four artisanal fishing guilds from western Asturias, octopus from this fishery can now carry the MSC ecolabel, assuring consumers that it comes from a certified sustainable source.

The MSC Standard is the world’s most renowned and credible standard for environmentally sustainable wild-caught seafood. The octopus fishery now joins a leading group of more than 280 MSC certified fisheries that are helping to ensure healthy marine ecosystems for the future.

The Asturian fishing guilds Nuestra Señora de la Atalaya de Puerto de Vega, Nuestra Señora de la Caridad de Ortiguera, Santo Ángel de la Guarda de Viavélez and San Pedro de Tapia de Casariego, jointly entered MSC full assessment to demonstrate the sustainability of their practices and the health of the stock. The fleet is made up of 27 boats based in the Navia-Porcía region of western Asturias and employs only artisanal fishers.

Press Release: MSC

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IN BRIEF - Orkney allocated GBP 482k for fisheries sector
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IN BRIEF - World Bank poised to put USD 4m into fisheries sector
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IN BRIEF - Romantic, sophisticated… and sustainable: Whole Foods first UK retailer to sell MSC certified oysters
United States
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IN BRIEF - Fire Forces 42 People To Abandon Ship
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IN BRIEF - Pacific fishing observer safety measures to be made mandatory
United States
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IN BRIEF - The fishery robot that became a celebrity
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IN BRIEF - Illegal eel: black market continues to taint Europe's eel fishery
Viet Nam
Feb 13, 01:00 (GMT + 9):
IN BRIEF - VASEP: Shrimp export to earn VND 3.3 billion in 2016

Harvest strategy can maximise benefits from skipjack tuna
Maldives The Government of the Maldives and the International Pole & Line Foundation brought more than 50 fisheries officials and experts to the Maldives last week to discuss the management of the Indian Ocean’s tuna stocks and to align on an agreed proposal for the implementation of robust harvest control rules in the region.
Educational campaign promotes fish consumption
Peru The Peruvian government has announced the launch of a new campaign under the national programme "Let’s eat fish" in order to help reduce levels of overweight and obesity among the Peruvian population.
Ship wanted for toothfish poaching finally caught
Senegal Senegalese government authorities have arrested the Kunlun, a fishing vessel accused of toothfish illegally fishing, which was wanted by the international community.
Oceana calls for emergency closures in the Mediterranean to stop overfishing
European Union The conservation organization Oceana calls on the EU to announce this week concrete emergency measures to resolve the overfishing issue that threatens the short-term future of fishing in the Mediterranean.
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