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IN BRIEF - Good outcome for Scots fishermen at EU-Norway negotiations

Friday, January 18, 2013

Scottish fishermen have broadly welcomed the outcome of negotiations between the EU and Norway to decide upon catching allocations for shared stocks in 2013.

The bilateral talks concluded this morning, and against a background of recovering stocks and the scientific advice, quota increases were agreed for a number of key stocks including North Sea haddock (15% increase), North Sea whiting (11%), North Sea plaice (15%), North Sea saithe (15%), and North Sea herring (18%). The North Sea cod quota remains unchanged at the 2011 level, with a facility for boats to increase their cod catch further if they participate in catch quota trials. There was also a 15% increase for West of Scotland saithe.

For mackerel, a catch limit was set that followed scientific advice and which will maintain the EU and Norway’s traditional share of the total allowable catch. This is an arrangement that will signal the resolve of the EU and Norway against the background of continuing failure to achieve an international management agreement for the stock with Iceland and the Faroes.

Source: SFF - Scottish Fishermen’s Federation

IN BRIEF - Nippon Foundation Nereus Program Reveals Critical State of World's Oceans in 2050

Thursday, July 02, 2015


TOKYO - A press conference was held on June 30, 2015, to announce the release of a new report about the sustainability of global marine fisheries in the 21st century titled "Predicting Future Oceans."


The report is a product of the Nippon Foundation - UBC Nereus Program. It notes that continued CO2 emissions are leading to changes in ocean temperature, acidity and oxygen levels that have been unprecedented over the last several thousand years. These changes in ocean conditions will affect biological productivity in the ocean, impacting organisms ranging from plankton to fishes.

Along with overfishing and habitat destruction, climate change is anticipated to lead to a decline in fisheries in many regions and alterations of marine biodiversity and food web structure. While aquaculture will play a role in providing a source of marine protein for a growing global population, the long-term ecological and social sustainability of aquaculture is unclear. An improved framework for global ocean governance will be needed to ensure sustainable fisheries in the future.

Source: PR Newswire


IN BRIEF - Sea Pact Announces New Chairman

Thursday, July 02, 2015


SANTA CRUZ, CA – Sea Pact, a coalition of seafood industry leaders, has elected a new Chairman for its advisory council. Guy Dean, VP/CSO at Albion Fisheries Ltd is now chairman, taking the place of former chairman Logan Kock, Vice President of Strategic Purchasing & Responsible Sourcing at Santa Monica Seafoods. Sea Pact is a coalition of seafood distributors who strive to advance environmentally sustainable fisheries and aquaculture practices and provide the building blocks of a long term and sustainable seafood industry by financially contributing to fisheries and aquaculture improvement. “I’m honored to be elected to this role from my peers and people I respect in the industry” says Guy Dean, “but more importantly, I’m grateful for the contribution and commitment Logan made in the formation of Sea Pact and am humbled to follow his leadership”.

The seafood industry can be a powerful force for improving the environmental sustainability of seafood and ocean ecosystems, particularly when efforts are coordinated to best leverage funds for positive change. Through pooling resources and knowledge to promote fisheries and aquaculture improvements, Sea Pact continues to provide funding for projects in fisheries and aquaculture improvement, and is opening its fourth Request for Proposals in the month of July. ”We are really thrilled with our upcoming 4th RFP as we will be concentrating our effort on current issues affecting our industry now and in the immediate future. We look forward to receiving proposals focused on supporting innovation in aquaculture, social responsibility in the seafood supply chain, and working towards new techniques and technologies for by catch reduction in wild capture fisheries ” says Guy Dean.

Source: Sea Pact


IN BRIEF - New appointments and rotation in BioMar Management teams

Thursday, July 02, 2015


In an internal rotation the BioMar Group has appointed the R&D Director for BioMar Norway Håvard Jørgensen as new Global R&D Director,
while Patrick Campbell takes over as Managing Director of BioMar UK replacing Guy Mace, who retires. At the same time Roger Hendry will  join BioMar as Global Technical Director.

- I am very pleased that we have been able to fill the important positions both as head of our activities in the United Kingdom and as head of our Global R&D with very strong internal candidates, and at the same time attract a strong experienced profile for the role as Global Technical Director. It will provide both continuity and a strong focus on further development to the benefit of our customers, commented Carlos Diaz, CEO of the BioMar Group.

Håvard Jørgensen started in BioMar in 2000 and worked until 2006 with feed formulation and product development. In 2006 he left BioMar to become first Assisting Director, and later from 2007, General Manager of NSL, the Norwegian Seafood Association. In 2012 he returned to BioMar as R&D Director for BioMar Norway.

Press Release: BioMar


IN BRIEF - 13th Annual Fishbase Symposium in Philippines to take place this fall

Thursday, July 02, 2015


The 13th annual FishBase Symposium will take place September 1, 2015, hosted by the FishBase Information and Research Group, Inc. (FIN) in Los Baños, Philippines to mark the 25th and 10th year anniversaries of FishBase and SealifeBase, respectively.


Convened by Drs Mary Ann Bimbao (FIN) and Deng Palomares, Sea Around Us Senior Scientist, the theme for the Symposium is FishBase and SeaLifeBase for Teaching and Research in Aquatic Science. It aims to promote a deeper understanding of why and how FishBase and SeaLifeBase can be used for teaching and research in the Philippines.

Invited speakers come from local universities and research institutions, FishBase Consortium members who themselves use FishBase in teaching ichthyology courses and offer FishBase workshops regularly, and students from universities and secondary schools in the Philippines.

Source: Sea Around Us


IN BRIEF - Experts: Illegal Pot Farms In California Threatening Salmon Fisheries

Thursday, July 02, 2015


SACRAMENTO, Calif. – A state legislative committee will look at the impact of the drought and water use by illegal marijuana cultivators on North Coast fisheries at a hearing in Sacramento.

The Santa Rosa Press Democrat reports that the hearing on Wednesday follows reports that pot plants are consuming billions of gallons of water and salmon-rearing creeks are running dry.

The Joint Committee on Fisheries and Aquaculture says rogue marijuana crops on the North Coast are damaging fisheries.

Source: CBS Sacramento


IN BRIEF - Select Area Fisheries produce 12,000 salmon

Thursday, July 02, 2015

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife the last week of June 2015 set three openings for summer Chinook gillnetting at Blind Slough (fishing Zone 74), which is located on the south side of the Columbia River near the town of Knappa, about 15 miles east of Astoria.

Two periods of gillnetting began June 25 and ended June 30, with a third running from 7 p.m. Thursday, July 2, to 7 a.m. Friday, July 3.

A two-state Columbia River Compact meeting was scheduled for Tuesday, June 30, to review stock status, consider additional treaty commercial fisheries and it could consider non-Indian fisheries.

Source: Chinook Observer

IN BRIEF - Prayut rejects extension of deadline on fishing rules

Thursday, July 02, 2015


Today's deadline for the strict imposition of local fishery regulations under the illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing protocol enforced by the European Union will not be extended despite threats from fishing operators to launch a mass protest, Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha said on June the 30th 2015.


He said a system for mandatory registration had been made available for fishing operators for six months now, but more than 80 per cent of the vessels still remained unregistered. "If the government extends the deadline, will the EU extend its deadline [due in August] accordingly?" the premier asked.

"If the trawlers won't go offshore, so be it, and if they break the law, prosecute them. We have let this problem continue for far too long, because previously we could not act tough against people hit by poverty. But today we follow the law unconditionally," Prayut said in Chiang Mai where he has been presiding over a mobile Cabinet meeting. 

Source: Nation Multimedia


IN BRIEF - Fish trade dries up as illegal fleets remain in port

Thursday, July 02, 2015


Thousands of illegal fishing boats remained moored in ports on Wednesday 1st of July 2015 as strict regulations against unregistered vessels and fishing equipment came into force, to head off an international ban on Thai seafood products.

The boats remained tied up at scores of coastal piers because they either had no licence or were equipped with illegal fishing gear. If they went to sea they would face big fines, starting at THB 100,000.

About 800 fishing boats were moored in Hat Lek sub-district of Khlong Yai district in Trat province -- at Chalachai, Ban Khlong Makham and Kalapangha ports. Seafood traders could not buy fish, and workers were idle. They hung around in groups talking, playing sports and cleaning floors.

Source: Bangkok Post





IN BRIEF - Seafood supply altered by climate change

Thursday, July 02, 2015


The global supply of seafood is set to change substantially and many people will not be able to enjoy the same quantity and dishes in the future due to climate change and ocean acidification, according to UBC scientists.


These findings were released on July the 1st 2015 in Japan by the Nereus program, an international research team led by UBC scientists and supported by the Nippon Foundation. The Nereus program was formed to study the future of the world's oceans and seafood resources. Today it released a summary of the first phase of its research in a report titled 'Predicting Future Ocean.' Researchers say that the future supply of seafood will be substantially altered by climate change, overfishing and other human activities.

"The types of fish that we will have on our dinner table will be very different in the future," said William Cheung, UBC associate professor and the co-director of the Nereus program. "Fisheries will be catching more warm-water species, with smaller size, and that will affect fish supply through our domestic and oversea fisheries as well as imports."

Source: Phys



IN BRIEF - Marubeni : North Pacific Seafoods, Inc. purchase Alaska salmon processing plants to expand salmon production share

Thursday, July 02, 2015


Marubeni Corporation ("Marubeni") is pleased to announce that wholly-owned subsidiary North Pacific Seafoods, Inc. (NPSI) has reached an agreement with Inlet Fish Producers, Inc. to acquire the Kenai Plant and Kasilof Plant to expand its Alaskan seafood operation.

With the acquisition of these two plants, NPSI's annual seafood production volume will increase by 5,000M/T to 62,000M/T and give the company access to the southcentral fishing grounds in which pink salmon and sockeye salmon are plentiful. NPSI also expects more efficient production and purchase operations with the acquisition of the existing Kodiak Plant, located near Kodiak Island. Furthermore, NPSI can supply fresh salmon to the U.S. market from the Kenai Plant, located near Anchorage - Alaska's largest city and logistics hub.

Source: 4-Traders


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