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IN BRIEF - Oyster farmers struggle with bushfires

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Oyster farmers on the Tasman Peninsula are concerned that any heavy rain could close their industry after the devastation of the Forcett bushfire.

Oyster farmers say the bushfire came at the busiest time of the year and many farmers lost homes, buildings and equipment needed to farm the oysters.

Dunalley oyster farmer Max Cunningham who lost his in the fire says any heavy rain would halt oyster production.

He says the rain would wash ash and silt into the bay which could cause major pollution problems in the short term.

Source: By Flint Duxfield/ABC

IN BRIEF - Fishermen celebrate united support for Clean Water Act protections in Bristol Bay

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

DILLINGHAM, AK – Bristol Bay, Alaska’s sockeye salmon runs support over 2,800 family fishing operations, and 14,000 jobs nationwide.

As those fishermen wrapped up their 2014 season with a sustainable harvest of 28 million salmon, they were given something more to celebrate. The 60-day public comment period for the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) long-awaited proposal to protect their fishery from large-scale open-pit mining concluded on Friday with initial public comment counts demonstrating overwhelming support.

Preliminary counts of support show that over 625,000 public comments, including Bristol Bay’s fishermen, processors, Alaska’s fishing industry and commercial fishing groups and businesses across the nation, all weighed in supporting EPA protections for Bristol Bay. Alaskans alone sent roughly 20,000 comments supporting the proposed protections.

Sue Aspelund, a spokeswoman for the fishing fleet, was pleased that so many concerned citizens spoke up. “A massive open-pit mine planned for the heart of the salmon-rearing headwaters of our nation’s largest and most valuable salmon runs is not worth the risk. And based on these numbers, the American people clearly agree,” said Aspelund, executive director of the Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association (BBRSDA).

Although official numbers will be released later, a clear majority support the Clean Water Act process known as Section 404(c), which allows EPA to proactively restrict certain dredge and fill permits required in order for Pebble to move forward. During the multi-year effort to implement protections for the Bristol Bay fishery, some 1.5 million comments were received in support of strong protections for Bristol Bay from large-scale mining within the region.


IN BRIEF - Cast-netting white shrimp can be fruitful in the fall, but there are rules

Monday, September 22, 2014


Every fall when mature white shrimp numbering in the millions of pounds are carried by the tides out of the Mobile-Tensaw Delta and through Mobile Bay, people near and far pull out their nets to reap the bounty.


Most commercial and recreational shrimpers use traditional shrimp nets towed behind boats to catch their share in large quantities. The regulations are pretty cut and dry for those methods.

The biggest questions usually arise when folks pull out their castnets, hoping to maybe catch enough to fry or boil for dinner or to fuel a day on the water fishing for speckled trout, redfish or bass.

Alabama Marine Resources Enforcement Division chief Maj. Scott Bannon said the rules for using a castnet to catch shrimp are pretty clear, but added that there is some room for enforcement discretion.

Source: Al


IN BRIEF - AgriMarine Launches ATI-an Aquaculture Technology Subsidiary

Monday, September 22, 2014


VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA - AgriMarine Holdings Inc. ("Agrimarine") is pleased to announce the launch of AgriMarine Technologies Inc. ("ATI"), a wholly-owned subsidiary dedicated to the development of sustainable, innovative technology systems and solutions for commercial aquaculture applications around the world.

AgriMarine has been a leading innovator of aquaculture systems for over two decades. The Company gained extensive knowledge in the design and construction of recirculation hatcheries, large-scale rearing tanks, management of water flows, fish culture and husbandry, and in the development of patented rearing technologies. AgriMarine is now harnessing this expertise in order to provide a full range of design-build consulting services to the aquaculture industry.

From land-based, recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS), and floating semi-closed containment systems (AgriMarine System™ tanks), to water treatment equipment and the latest aquaponics designs, ATI boasts an extensive suite of cutting-edge, clean technologies as well as components for fish farming. ATI's systems create optimal fish rearing environments with economic and environmental benefits and are designed for a multitude of applications and aquaculture species.

Source: Market Wired


IN BRIEF - Russia turns back 40 tonnes of banned fish re-exported via Ukraine

Monday, September 22, 2014


MOSCOW - Russian veterinary standards officials have detected two large batches of fish from Spain and Norway being re-exported via Ukraine to the Crimean republic, side-stepping Moscow's embargo on imports from the West.


The first batch of more than 20 tonnes of quick-frozen Notothenia fish produced in Spain was marked as fish from Argentina and was due for delivery by a Ukrainian producer to the Russian republic of Crimea, Rosselkhoznadzor agency inspectors said in a report.

A second batch of nearly 19 tonnes of quick-frozen fish supplied by another Ukrainian enterprise was found to contain 8.5 tonnes of Norwegian salmon and more than 10 tonnes of Notothenia fish from the British-ruled Falkland Islands.



IN BRIEF - Farmed oyster sales, profits on the rise

Monday, September 22, 2014


It appears pearls are possible when investing in oysters.

As New York Oyster Week kicks off Sunday 21st of September 2014, top New York chefs and raw bars are featuring the bivalve mollusks on their menus.

Kevin Joseph, founder of Oyster Week and an expert on the shellfish, says cultured oysters sales are substantial — USD 50 million on the East Coast and another USD 50 million to USD 60 million on the West and Gulf Coasts. The overall industry totals more than USD 1 billion, including wholesale and restaurant sales.

Most oysters are cultured, meaning farm grown — not wild harvested.
Joseph, who grew up in East Hampton, where his family had a seafood restaurant, says there’s money to be made in farming.
A USD 500K investment can USD 500K in revenues in three to five years, yielding a 5-year return on investment and 20 percent annual revenues.

Here’s the bad news: Oyster farming is hard work.

Source: NY Post


IN BRIEF - Export of some fish species banned in Oman

Monday, September 22, 2014


Muscat - Yellowfin tuna, King Fish and Longtail tuna (Sahwa) are among the many aquatic species that face an export ban in Oman.

Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries Dr Fuad bin Jafar bin Mohammed Al Sajwani issued a decision on the regulation of fish exports to boost its availability in local market.


Article 1 of the decision bans export of some varieties from September 16 to May 31, 2015. These include Yellowfin tuna, King Fish and Longtail tuna.

Article 1 also issued a ban on export of varieties fish like Grouper, Sea bream and Mullet from December 15, 2014 to February 15, 2015.

The decision also makes it mandatory for exporters to supply the same quantity they export to the local markets. The ministerial decision also states that owners of vehicles transporting and marketing fish and companies trading in fish will be required to obtain an approval certificate from the officer responsible for the local market.

Source: Times of Oman


IN BRIEF - U.S. shrimp farmers cash in on demand

Monday, September 22, 2014

NEW YORK — Shrimp farming is spreading in both coastal and inland regions of the United States, led primarily by farmers seeking to diversify their operations and entrepreneurs.

Increased shrimp consumption in the United States has prompted one player after another to enter the field, as well as heightened awareness regarding the safety of food. Higher prices for shrimp from overseas have also provided a tailwind.

Demand has risen higher than expected and business is booming, said Karlanea Brown, co-owner of RDM Aquaculture LLC, a shrimp farming business in Indiana, about 1,000 kilometers from the Atlantic coast. Thanks to shrimp, Karlanea said, she is financially set for life.

Karlanea began shrimp farming with her husband Darryl and others in 2009. Their previous business of pig farming was plagued by falling prices, but shrimp have strong earning power.

Source: The Japan Times

IN BRIEF - Cermaq ASA : Presentation held at the joint press conference on September the 22nd of 2014

Monday, September 22, 2014

Presentation by Cermaq ASA: NOK 96 per share cash offer for Cermaq

Rebekka Glasser Herlofsen, Chair of the Board

Jon Hindar, CEO


Oslo, 22 September 2014

Offer overview:

Offeror: Mitsubishi Corporation (“Mitsubishi”)

Share price: NOK 96 per share

Company value: Market Cap NOK 8.9 bn. Enterprise Value NOK 10.9 bn.

Offer period: 22 September – 20 October (4 weeks)

Offer conditions: 
• 90% acceptance (can be waived)
• Recommendation by the Board of Directors
• Regulatory approval by competition authorities in Poland, France, Japan and Canada
• No occurrence of force majeure events

Majority shareholder: The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries has issued a separate announcement

Expressed intentions: 
• Continuation of current business strategy
• Building on current organisation and localisation
• No planned redundancies
• Maintain headquarter location

To see the full pesentation click here

IN BRIEF - The world’s first MSC-certified babyfood product

Monday, September 22, 2014


The MSC label appears on over 23,000 sustainable seafood products distributed in over 100 countries worldwide, but had never been seen on a babyfood product. Until now that is! The breakthrough comes from the French company Yooji, which on September the 22nd of 2014 launches its frozen cod portions, prepared solely with cod procured from MSC-certified sources.

A little can go a long way!
With Yooji’s 100% flaked cod presented in small frozen portions, babies—with the help of their foresighted parents—can now help to preserve the ocean’s resources by eating MSC-labelled fish specially adapted to their needs.

Yooji is a start-up specialising in environmentally-friendly frozen babyfood. The company was created in 2012 in the Aquitaine region of France and it prides itself of aiming high and innovating. After initially proposing frozen vegetable purées in 20g portions, it is now expanding its range by launching two ‘100% protein’ products including the MSC-certified flaked cod portions.

Frédéric Ventre, founder of Yooji and father of four, shares his experience: "As a dad, it is important to me to offer environmentally-friendly quality products for the benefit of future generations. For our purées, right from the word go, we chose only organic vegetables. When we opted to develop a fish product, we naturally turned towards the MSC certification, which objectively and independently guarantees that the cod we offer has been fished in line with sustainable methods."

MSC: The world’s first MSC-certified babyfood product


IN BRIEF - Progress on buyback programme Nutreco shares

Monday, September 22, 2014


Further to the share buyback programme announced on 24 July 2014, Nutreco announces that during the period from 15 September 2014 up to and including 19 September 2014, Nutreco purchased 118,033 of its ordinary shares at an average price of EUR 29.33 per share. The total number of shares repurchased under this programme to date is 768,778 ordinary shares for a total consideration of EUR 22.9 million.

This programme will ultimately end on 31 January 2015, unless Nutreco shares for the overall maximum amount of EUR 100 million have been repurchased prior to that date. In that case the programme will end on the date on which this maximum is reached.

Nutreco: Progress on buyback programme Nutreco shares


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