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Global tuna catches grow but overfishing continues

WORLDWIDE | Saturday, September 24, 2016
The global commercial tuna catch reached 5 million tons in 2014, an increase from 4.6 million in 2013, reveals the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation in its latest report on the global tuna stock situation.


Global leaders commit to address antimicrobial resistance
Worldwide | 01:30 | World leaders who attended a high level meeting held this week in New York signalled an unprecedented level of attention to curb the spread of infections that are resistant to antimicrobial medicines. Full Story
EC adopts action plan to improve Croatian fisheries control
Croatia | 01:20 | The European Commission has adopted an action plan setting out how Croatia can overcome identified shortcomings in its fisheries control system. Full Story
Catch limit per vessel suspended due to shrimp abundance
Argentina | 23:30 | The Federal Fisheries Council decided to temporarily suspend shrimp catch limits set per boat, given the abundance of this crustacean observed during this fishing season. Full Story
Clearwater and Grand Bank Celebrate 25 Years of Innovation Leadership with New Investment
The company celebrates 25 years as an innovation leader in Canada's clam industry with a new investment in a prime cut line to support growth of the business in Europe and North America.
Chicken of the Sea Launches Seafood Digital Traceability Initiative
Chicken of the Sea has launched a digital traceability initiative allowing customers to trace the source, processing location and fishing method of their seafood, as part of its commitment to seafood sustainability.
Innovative Fish Cage System for Farming Hamachi
Hyoshoku's most distinguishing feature is that it raises Hamachi using giant cages called Hiro-Biro Ikesu, fish get more exercise producing an excellent firmness, which is closer to that of fish caught in the open sea.
Sysco Expands Industry-Leading Seafood Sustainability Initiative
Sysco has announced an expanded commitment to improve the sustainability of its seafood procurement practices and standards through 2020, in collaboration with WWF.
High microplastic content found in commercial fish
Spain Researchers at the Spanish Institute of Oceanography who analyzed micro-plastics intake in fish species of the Spanish Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts found a high percentage of them in the stomachs of several commercially important fish.
National single window simplifies seafood export certification
Viet Nam The certification for fisheries exports to Korea and China will be expanded nationwide starting on October 1 under the National Single Window, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development announced.
Tuna firm sues Aldi for trademark infringement
United States US-based tuna company American Tuna has filed a suit against discount supermarket chain Aldi accusing it of misusing its ‘Pole & Line’ mark to sell canned fish and related products similar to those of the company.
Hanjin’s shares grow 28pc after loan approval
South Korea Hanjin Shipping’s shares have experienced a 28 per cent growth after the board at Korean Air Lines, the firm's biggest shareholder, approved a loan for the troubled shipping firm.