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Galician cephalopod vessels struggle to return to Mauritanian waters

SPAIN | Wednesday, July 29, 2015
The National Association of Cephalopod Sector intends that the Galician cephalopod vessels can once more fish in the Mauritanian fishing ground, after three years of being excluded under the fisheries agreement signed between the EU and Mauritania.


'Historical' sockeye salmon season closes in Bristol Bay
United States | 01:00 | The sockeye season that has just concluded in the Bristol Bay has been deemed as historic. This year, 51 million sockeye salmon have returned to the bay, of which as of 26 July 35 million have been caught. Full Story
FTA strengthening settled with South Korea
Chile | 23:50 | After a meeting of the Free Trade Commission, representatives of Chile and South Korea agreed in Santiago to deepen the Free Trade Agreement that the two sides signed over a decade ago. Full Story
Salmonid fish toxic could be effective in cancer treatment
Germany | 23:20 | Scientists from the University of Freiburg have solved the molecular mechanism of a fish toxin that could be used in the future as a medication to treat cancer. Full Story
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Fish Farm Producer Kefalonia Fisheries Earns Sustainable Certification
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