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United States

Pacific tuna agreement changes settled

UNITED STATES | Saturday, July 02, 2016
Negotiators from the United States and representatives of the 16 Pacific Island parties ha...


Shipowners can now register their fishing vessels in just 10 minutes
Peru | 23:10 | A total of 243 industrial fishing vessels involved in this 2016-1 Northern Central anchovy... Full Story
Seafood industry benefits from lower NOK exchange rate
Norway | 22:30 | The weaker exchange rate in recent years has strengthened the international competitivenes... Full Story
Fisheries-aquaculture production falls 5pc in first five months
Chile | 21:30 | The total preliminary landing of fishery and aquaculture products in Chile accumulated up ... Full Story
Bakkafrost Acquires P/F Faroe Farming and Files for Two New Licenses
P/F Bakkafrost has today entered an agreement with Sp/f Hjallur to acquire 51% of the shares in P/F Faroe Farming for a cash consideration of DKK 75 million.
Seafood Expo Asia 2016 to Explore Key Trends Driving Growth
The region’s growing population, rising middle class, increasing per capita spending and well established eating out culture is fuelling demand for higher value fish and seafood.
Responsible Tilapia Production
Netuno's tilapia ASC certified production is completely integrated with optimal practices throughout the entire process, from hatchery to processing.
The Maine Lobster Industry Ramps Up For Peak Season
Maine lobster's fishermen and industry leaders anticipate an on-time start to the harvest, following a record-breaking season in 2015.
First ambitious ocean-cleansing project presented
Netherlands At a port in The Hague, Dutch environment minister has launched the biggest prototype clean-up boom in an attempt to clear the Pacific of its plastic debris.
Brexit victory causes bitter-sweet reactions
United Kingdom The result of the referendum vote for the UK to leave the EU has been received with mixed feelings of 'uncertainty' for some representatives of the fishing sector and 'excitement' for Brexiting fishermen.
New fisheries database may contribute to better fishery management
Worldwide A publicly accessible fisheries database that builds on the FAO statistics has been created, covering the fisheries of all maritime countries and territories of the world, from 1950 to 2010, and being regularly updated.
Northern shrimp policy could be replaced by new regime
Canada A federal advisory panel that had undertaken a review on the controversial LIFiO northern shrimp policy off Newfoundland and Labrador has recommended abolishing it and replacing it with a new way of allocating quotas.