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Eclipse's high tides cause mass farmed Atlantic salmon escape

UNITED STATES | Wednesday, August 23, 2017
Thousands of Atlantic salmon were accidentally released into the waters between Anacortes and the San Juan Islands from an imploded net holding 305,000 fish at a Cooke Aquaculture fish farm.


Marine microplastics first time quantified in deep sea invertebrates
United Kingdom | 00:50 | Researchers at the Scottish Association for Marine Science in Oban, Scotland, have found that around half of marine creatures living at depths of more than 2,000 metres in the North Atlantic could be eating microplastic material. Full Story
Pargo-UNAM 'transcends borders'
Mexico | 00:30 | Fourteen years after its creation, 'Pargo-UNAM', a fast-growing red tilapia produced at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, has already been transferred to about 3,000 breeders in different production units, mainly in Veracruz, who, in turn, have taken it to other states. Full Story
Angola to resume canned fish exports after two canneries opening
Angola | 23:20 | The Government expects that Angola can restart the sale of canned fish to the European market following the inauguration of two new units for canning, freezing and preserving fish in the municipality of Tômbwa, Namibe province. Full Story
AKVA Financial Reporting: Strong Performance in a Good Market
AKVA group completed second quarter 2017 with strong growth in order intake and revenue, the Net Profit increased to 27 MNOK (USD 3.4 M) compared to 12 MNOK (USD 1.5 M) in Q2 2016.
MSC Scholarships to Help Fund Fisheries Research in East Africa and Kenya
The MSC program provides funding of up to USD 5200 to support research looking at environmental improvement, supply chain management or best practice in fisheries management.
BioMar Celebrates 10 Years of Strategic Sustainability with BioSustain
The BioMar Group celebrated the 10th anniversary of the BioSustain™ concept at Aqua Nor 2017, with a rooftop party at their new offices in Norway.
SIMBA Seafood Traceability System Improves Productivity
Dynamic Systems, Inc., a leader in Automated Seafood Solutions has updated SIMBA to now track production minute to minute as it happens on the plant floor for real-time data.
Aquamar and LM Foods partner to create 'surimi platform'
United States Aquamar, Inc. and LM Foods, LLC have partnered to create a new platform in the surimi seafood market, producing and selling crab flavoured seafood to foodservice, food manufacturing, and retail channels primarily in North America.
North Korean seafood trucks get stuck on the border
China The government of a city in Northeast China is currently negotiating with North Korean authorities over the seafood trucks that are stuck between the two countries' customs ports of the countries.
Marine protected area creation worries the fishing sector
Argentina The plan promoted by the Ministry of Environment to create new marine protected areas in Argentine waters, where fishing activities are prohibited, has generated strong concerns in the fisheries sector, which is also shared by the Federal Fisheries Council.
Innovative technology and management measures improve ecological trawling efficiency
Spain Scientists from the Balearic Oceanographic Centre of the Spanish Institute of Oceanography, in collaboration with fishermen from the Balearic Islands and Cataluña, have evaluated different measures to reduce the direct and indirect impact of trawling in ecosystems.