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Health alert in France due to Galician mussels

SPAIN | Friday, August 22, 2014
More than 60 people were poisoned in France after consuming mussels native to Galicia, forcing local authorities to issue a health alert.


Huge aquaculture growth foreseen for WA’s northern coast
Australia | 22:50 | The State Government has paved the way for a huge increase in fish production on Western Australia’s northern coast by declaring a development zone for large-scale fish farms, states Fisheries Minister. Full Story
Tilapia scales intended to produce chitosan
Colombia | 22:30 | The Fish Farming Development Corporation Centre and the firm Proceal will develop a research project to produce chitin-chitosan from tilapia scales. Full Story
Salmon price status at week 34
Norway | 21:50 | Fresh salmon export volumes for week 33 are up 76 tonnes compared to week 32 and up 2,035 tonnes compared to week 33, 2013, reports Fish Pool ASA. Full Story
Legal Sea Foods Ad Campaign Dishes Distaste For Being Called A "Chain"
"I truly feel that 'chain' is a denigrating and completely inaccurate term for our restaurant group, and it's time we set the record straight," says Legal Sea Foods President and CEO Roger Berkowitz.
Marel Launches SmartLine Grader
With its open frame design and minimal horizontal surfaces Marel new SmartLine Grader series is a revolution in hygienic grading for the fish, meat, and poultry industries.
New Greenpeace App for Choosing Better Canned Tuna
Greenpeace Canada has released an app for shoppers wanting to buy canned tuna which is ocean-friendly, allowing consumers to search and get quick eco-advice on over 100 canned tuna products available in Canada.
Future of Fish Publishes How-To Guide for Adopting Seafood Traceability Systems
In a first-of-its kind report, Getting There from Here: A Guide for Companies Implementing Seafood Supply-Chain Traceability Technology, Future of Fish shows how the bottom line can, in fact, drive traceability.
Data gaps affect pacific tuna assessment
Marshall Islands Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency requests its members to properly report their fishing catches in Pacific waters to help prevent overfishing.
Shrimp exports grow
Ecuador Ecuador exported 350 million pounds of shrimp in the first half of this year, 10 per cent more than in the same period in 2013, and projections suggest that 2014 will close with the shipment of about 500 million pounds.
UN approves extension of Uruguayan continental shelf
Uruguay The United Nations finally accepted the proposition of the Uruguayan Government to extend the Uruguayan continental shelf from 200 to 350 miles.
Morocco urged to solve fishing license issue for EU fleet
European Union The European Commission has requested the Moroccan government to solve the issue of fishing licenses for EU vessels, especially those from Cadiz.