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The fresh, mountain spring waters of the Rio Claro create the exquisite flavor of our Tilapia. With our dedication to environmental responsibility combined with advanced genetic technology and quality control, we are able to offer the marketplace Tilapia, which is unparalleled anywhere: delicate and soft, flaky meat with the same reliable quality every time.

Rio Claro farms is located in the high Andes mountain ranges between the cities of Bogotá and Medellín, nestled in the valley nourished by the Rio Claro (Clear River). We employ the high intensity method of Tilapia cultivation which requires constant recycling of water. The site offers the otpimum conditions for fish cultivation: the ideal altitude, temperature and fresh water supply. Those factors combined with the latest technological advances in fish cultivation guarantee the highest quality and production of Tilapia to supply the world market.

Fresh and Frozen Whole Fish

Fresh and Frozen Fillets

Fresh and Frozen Fillets, Whole Fish

Tilapia Surimi

Tilapia Surimi offers diversity for fish lovers, from delicious appetizer to fish burgers, from fish sausages to the traditional fish sandwiches.
Smoked Tilapia

Rio Claro farm's also offers other special products. Our smoked tilapia has a mild characteristic flavor that will delight our customers.

Technical Specifications

  Whole Rep. Fillet Surimi
Sizes 50-100 g 3-5 Oz. 5-10 Kg. blocks
  100-150 g 5-7 Oz.  
  130-200 g    
  200-250 g    
  250-300 g    
  300-400 g    
  400-500 g    

Plant Address:
Puerto Triunfo, Antioquía, Colombia
Playa Cementos Rio Claro, Finca Playa Linda

Office Address
Calle 6 No. 50-56, P.O. Box 3757, Medellin, Colombia
Tel.: (57) 4 255 3941/5260/0511/4034 - Fax.: (57) 4 255 4013 / 311 1518
E-mail: [email protected]

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