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Providing information about the Chilean aquacultured salmon industry.  (425) 451-2922 or Email 
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American Hotel and Motel Association Joins Salmon Trade Alliance 

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Chilean Salmon Industry Supports More Than 7,600 U.S. Jobs  
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smallsalmon5.gif (4506 bytes) SalmonChile provides the North American market access to information about the Chilean aquaculture salmon farming industry. Chilean salmon has long been recognized by foodservice and retail end-users as a highly reliable and quality-focused product which addresses the many menu and preparation needs all over North America. The Chilean Salmon Farmer's Association has worked closely with the U.S. market in order to provide fresh and value added products to supermarkets and restaurants alike. This web site is another way by which the association maintains contact with the market while providing importers, distributors and end-users immediate access to a growing base of information.
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                   For more information, please contact Mark Spatz