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Mark Spatz

Salmon Trade Alliance, 1-888-782-2559


Washington, D.C. (February 10, 1998)-- The American Hotel & Motel Association, the voice of the $80 billion U.S. lodging industry, has announced its support of fresh Atlantic salmon from Chile in an increasingly high-profile international trade dispute. The AH&MA, a trade association with more than 11,000 members, recently joined the Salmon Trade Alliance to defend an important menu item for its members.

"Salmon is one of the most common and popular fish found on our members' restaurant and room-service menus," said John Connors, Vice President of Government Affairs for the American Hotel & Motel Association. "If high tariffs are placed on the product, our member's could lose an item that adds significant value and that customers enjoy," he said.

A coalition of nearly 80 U.S. businesses and trade associations, the Salmon Trade Alliance opposes antidumping and countervailing duty petitions filed in June 1997 by U.S. salmon producers against fresh Atlantic salmon from Chile. The AM&HA joins leading food-industry trade groups, the National Restaurant Association and the Food Marketing
Institute, as members of the Salmon Trade Alliance.

The U.S. International Trade Commission and the Department of Commerce will make final determinations on the petitions in the spring of 1998.