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Fishing industry foresees ‘significant’ impact of Brexit, contradicting lawmakers’ view

FALKLAND ISLANDS | Friday, July 19, 2019
The impact of Brexit on the Falkland Islands' fishing industry could be “significant...


Salmon farmer’s GBP 5.7m investment to protect stock and seals paying
United Kingdom | 19:00 | Scottish Sea Farms has reported a significant reduction in ‘last resort’ seal ... Full Story
GBP 10 million technology fund to ‘revolutionise’ the fishing industry
United Kingdom | 18:00 | Fishermen and industry experts have been asked to come together and bid for cash to develo... Full Story
Mowi announces a Purchase Agreement for the salmon company K. Strømmen
Norway | 14:30 | Mowi has signed a Share Purchase Agreement to take control of 100% of the shares of K. Str... Full Story
Synthetik Receives AI for Earth Grant from Microsoft
Synthetik has been awarded a grant from Microsoft to help improving the sustainability of the global aquaculture industry by protecting endangered marine species from deadly entanglement events at offshore facilities.
A Solid Alternative for Plastic and Polystyrene Packaging
Solidus Solutions' solid board is 100% recyclable, an environmentally friendly and sustainable material which is ideal for packaging fresh fish, round fish and salmon.
Walton Family Foundation Awards Two-Year Grant to Seafood Nutrition Partnership
The grant will support initiatives that ultimately educate consumers about sustainable seafood, ensuring delicious meals that are healthy for them and the health of the oceans.
Publix Leads the Way in Transparent Seafood Practices
In a continuing effort to support seafood sustainability, supermarket Publix has further collaborated with the SFP and the GSSI to identify issues impacting sustainability in the seafood industry.
UK Parliament's sub-committee warns of lack of implementation of EU discard ban
United Kingdom The House of Lords' EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee publishes its follow-up report on wasteful fish discarding, six months on from the EU landing obligation coming into force. The EU landing ...
Strong growth of landings and exports of squid foreseen after reopening of Chinese market
Peru The Ministry of Production (PRODUCE) estimates that the landings of squid (Dorytheutis gahi) will reach historical figures after the reopening of the Chinese market, going from 7,600 to 30,000 tons on...
Lawsuit claims Mazzetta-owned lobster company took advantage of man’s dementia
United States William Atwood sold his lobster business eight years ago to Maine Lobster and Processing, but a newer, amended lease precludes him from doing any lobster-related business in a separate property. T...
Dongwon launches new tuna fishing vessel 'Jubilee'
South Korea Dongwon Industries, the country's largest deep-sea fishing company, has launched today its latest purse seiner, Jubilee, to modernize its increasingly aging fleet. The 2,200-ton vessel, launched to c...