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Progress made to promote sustainable ocean business

UNITED NATIONS | Wednesday, September 26, 2018
The Action Platform for Sustainable Ocean Business moves forward with a three year plan devised for its work on the role of the ocean in achieving United Nations' 17 sustainability goals.


Atlantic scallop stocks likely to be reduced by ocean acidification
United States | 00:40 | A team of scientists predicts that Atlantic sea scallop fisheries off the east coast of the US may potentially be in danger as a result of ocean acidification caused by increased carbon dioxide levels in the Earth’s atmosphere. Full Story
Four aquaculture centres in Jalisco granted certification
Mexico | 00:20 | The four breeding centres operated by the Department of Rural Development of Jalisco have obtained the Safety Certification for the application of good aquaculture practices in carp, catfish, tilapia and trout. Full Story
Pangasius sales to UAE experience sharp increase
Viet Nam | 00:20 | Vietnamese pangasius exports to the United Arab Emirates grew by 130.7 per cent in the first six months of this year compared to the same period a year ago. Full Story
Umitron Expands Early Stage Funding and Starts Data Service for Aquaculture Insurance
Aquatech startup Umitron raises USD 2,688,000 in latest round bringing total funding to USD 11,000,000 and starts demonstrating new service to provide reliable data for aquaculture insurance.
Data Ecosystem For The Global Seafood Industry
Fishcoin has been designed as a peer-to-peer network that allows independent industry stakeholders to harness the power of blockchain using a shared protocol so that data can be trusted, transparent, and secure.
Sustainable Omega 3 Consumption: A Positive Trend Set to Increase
The size of the global omega 3 supplement industry has grown enormously in recent years, international ecolabel Friend of the Sea shares data about the rise in certified fish oil companies in 2018.
Experts in Seafood Packaging
Flair provides a comprehensive stock program to allow for lower-cost options, to create unprinted packaging ready-for-labeling, or to accommodate faster turn-around times.
Trade war with China could force Maine lobster industry to change its strategy
United States Maine lobster may use Canada as a “grey-market” conduit to China after President Donald Trump’s trade war with the Asian country, as some experts believe.
British retailer to sell bycatch to support fishery sustainability
United Kingdom Unwanted seafood varieties rejected by other supermarkets, such as megrim, grey gurnard, whiting and pouting, which would be thrown back into the sea either dead or slowly dying, will no longer go to waste thanks to retailer Iceland Foods.
Alleged unfair competition complaint unleashes legal battle in cannery market
Chile Orizon -- one of the fishing subsidiaries of the Angelini group -- filed a lawsuit for unfair competition against CV Trading, a company belonging to Bruzzone family, which markets multiple categories of food products.
Catalonia bets on blue crab intensive fishing in Ebro Delta
Spain The Government of Catalonia will promote intensive professional capture of blue crab to ensure its trade through the fishing markets, in order to contain its expansion in the Ebro Delta.