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SFP, Conservation International, and UCSB release new best practices for aquaculture management guide

INDONESIA | Wednesday, November 14, 2018
A new aquaculture management guide from Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP), Conservat...


Oceana accuses Govt of not meeting commitments to rebuild fisheries
Canada | 01:50 | Oceana Canada has accused the federal Government of not meeting its commitments to sustainably manage and restore Canada’s fish populations, resulting in a less resilient and secure seafood industry. Full Story
Galicia opens spider crab and brown crab season in two provinces
Spain | 01:30 | The Undersecretariat of Marine Affairs of ??the Xunta de Galicia has on Monday opened the spider crab and brown crab capture season in the provinces of A Coruña and Pontevedra. Full Story
AquaBounty signs deal with R&D firm to produce sterile fish
United States | 00:30 | The research and development firm Center for Aquaculture Technologies has signed a licensing and research agreement with AquaBounty Technologies, Inc. for the latter to be able to employ CAT’s patented sterility technology to produce sterile finfish. Full Story
Mintec's New Commodity Procurement Platform Set to Transform Negotiations Between Buyers and Sellers
Mintec, the leading independent provider of food and associated raw material pricing data, has launched a new platform for procurement professionals, powered by Robotic Process Automation.
Actemsa Achieves Certification for Sustainable Tuna Sourcing
Spanish import export seafood company ACTEMSA achieves Friend of the Sea certification for traded skipjack, yellowfin and bigeye tuna that originates from approved pole and line and purse seine fleets
New Good Fish Finger Guide Launched
The MCS hopes that its new Good Fish Finger Guide will raise awareness of the origins and sustainability of fish fingers and better engage consumers to follow its wider seafood advice.
GSSI Welomes Nordic Seafood as a Funding Partner
Nordic Seafood is the first Danish company to join the Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative, strengthening GSSI’s presence in the Nordic region.
Echebastar Indian Ocean purse seine skipjack fishery achieves MSC certification
United Kingdom The Echebastar Indian Ocean purse seine skipjack tuna fishery has achieved certification to the MSC Fisheries Standard.
Growing amount of infected herring landings seem worrying
Iceland A considerable amount of the herring catch landed in recent days was found to be infected and almost all of it will be incinerated.
Indonesian fishing vessel apprehended due to alleged illegal fishing activities
Australia An Indonesian fishing vessel and its crew of five men were apprehended off the coast of Western Australia, suspected of illegally fishing in Australian waters.
Piriou delivers new freezer longliner for toothfish capture
France Vietnamese shipyard Chantiers Piriou SARL has just delivered French fishing company Comata a new 62.8 m freezer longliner dedicated to toothfish fishing in the French southern seas.