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Import-export statistics (Jan-Nov 2018-2019): salmon, trout, crab, shirmp, pollock and more

RUSSIAN FEDERATION | Friday, February 21, 2020
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Skretting, Veramaris algal oil-fed trout now available for French cons
France | 09:40 | PRESS RELEASE Skretting, Veramaris, help Supermarché Match drive sustainable seafo... Full Story
Court orders two tuna farmers to set fish free
Malta | 08:10 | Tuna ranchers AJD Tuna Ltd and Fish and Fish have lost separate cases against the governme... Full Story
Mexico concludes bluefin tuna season complying with its catch limit
Mexico | 07:50 | The Mexican Government says that with observation and verification actions coordinated wit... Full Story
Outcompeting Pathogenic Bacteria in Aquaculture
Aller Aqua launches a new functional feed concept: Aller Aqua Support which includes a series of aquafeeds based on a blend of functional ingredients that promote growth and survival in fish as well as disease resistance and prevention.
Blockchain Could Fight Illegal Fishing and Help Tuna Stocks Recover
With the Blockchain technology a simple scan of tuna packaging using a smartphone app reveals where and when the fish was caught, by which vessel and fishing method.
The New Fish Wave: How to Ignite the Seafood Industry
Dr. Thor Sigfusson´s book, The New Fish Wave, offers readers a step-by-step guide for how to ignite dynamic networking of people and ideas to make way for further innovation, product development and value creation.
A Strong Start for the Norwegian Seafood Year – a 15 per Cent Increase from Last Year
Norway exported 207,000 tonnes of seafood, demand for Norwegian salmon is increasing in all regions, and average prices are considerably higher than in the same period last year.
China coronavirus outbreak represents a heavy blow for the Arctic seafood industry
Canada As dozens of Chinese cities remain quarantined and commerce has slowed, it’s unclear what the global repercussions on trade will be. While China battles a rapidly spreading new coronavirus, n...
Negotiations begin for renewal of EU-Mauritania agreement
Mauritania The fourth round of negotiations to renew the fisheries agreement that the EU has with the Republic of Mauritania, has started in Nouakchott. This is the most important agreement for the Spanish fleet...
Scientists surprised by 110kg giant squid and bioluminescent sharks finding
New Zealand A giant squid and several glow-in-the-dark sharks were surprise finds for NIWA scientists last month on the Chatham Rise during a voyage to survey hoki, New Zealand’s most valuable commercial fi...
Scientists confirm delayed shrimp reproductive process
Argentina The report of the November shrimp assessment cruise carried out by the INIDEP indicates that the biomass declined compared to historical values. The distribution by size is similar to that of 2018 but...