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Oman Fisheries Company to start commercial fishing operations

OMAN | Friday, March 22, 2019
Oman Fisheries Company is planning the acquisition of an industrial fishing vessel so as to shortly start commercial fishing operations.


Pacific bluefin tuna catch quota set for 2019-20
Mexico | 23:50 | The Secretariat of Agriculture and Rural Development has set the catch quota for bluefin tuna for 2019 and 2020 in waters under federal jurisdiction in the Pacific Ocean and in marine waters located in the regulation area of the IATTC. Full Story
Cooke acquires California's seafoood distributor
Canada | 23:40 | Cooke Inc announced that it has acquired All Seas Wholesale, a distributor from California of up to forty species of fresh seafood, live shellfish, and frozen seafood products. Full Story
Vigo’s fishing fleet leads initiative to take advantage of fish viscer
Spain | 23:10 | The Shipowners Cooperative of the Port of Vigo has launched a project for the integral management, on board and on land, of the viscera of the fish caught by the fishing fleet of Vigo. Full Story
Cermaq Launches Brand Platform: True Arctic - Slow Raised Salmon
Cermaq's farming in Norway takes place north of the Arctic Circle, where the water is cold and the salmon grows slower, resulting in specific product qualities.
IKEA Canada Introduces New, Sustainable Salmon Balls
Made from ASC-certified salmon with the addition of MSC-certified cod, IKEA salmon balls are both sustainably-sourced and responsibly-produced.
Pacific Seafood Releases Second Annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report
Pacific Seafood has published its second annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report detailing efforts to be socially responsible in all areas of business.
Orkla Health Further Strengthens its Commitment to Sustainability with the Blue MSC Label
All bottles of Möller’s cod liver oil, sold in more than 20 countries, will carry the Marine Stewardhip Council's blue fish label as a credible mark of sustainability and traceability.
Total fresh and frozen tuna imports fall in January
Japan Total fresh and frozen tuna imports in January dropped in volume and in value compared to last December but grew over those in January, 2018.
Maine’s cod capture value plummets
United States Maine’s cod fishery has declined to the point that it had its least valuable year in more than a half-century in 2018, which experts attribute to overfishing as well as possible environmental factors.
AZTI seeks to help trawler fleet adapt to landing obligation
Spain The AZTI technology centre is to study the selectivity in bottom trawl fisheries in order to minimize the catches of unwanted fish.
New minister analyzes new fishing right implementation with fishermen's unions
Peru New Production Minister Rocio Barrios Alvarado said that the new rates of fishing rights, which will come into force this year, will be defined in an objective, technical and transparent manner.