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Major Buyers Call for Governments to Combat Increased Disease Risk in Asian Shrimp Farms

UNITED KINGDOM | Saturday, August 08, 2020
COVID-19 pandemic creates additional threat to disease control and protecting millions...


AquaBounty Technologies Announces Financial Results for the Quarter an
United States | 15:00 | MAYNARD, Mass., (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- AquaBounty Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: AQB) (“Aqua... Full Story
1 million Atlantic salmon smolts were stocked in Volokovaya Bay of Mal
Russian Federation | 07:00 | On August 3, a planned stocked of 1 million pieces of Atlantic salmon smolt was carried ou... Full Story
At the salmon fishing season in the Far East, Chukotka is ahead of the
Russian Federation | 06:30 | By August 3, 2020, the volume of Pacific salmon harvest exceeded 120 thousand tons, which ... Full Story
Food Lion Announces New Sustainability Policies Bolstering Product Labeling and Animal Welfare
In its latest move to make its products and packaging more sustainable, Food Lion has announced new sustainability policies for genetically modified food and farm animal welfare.
Breakthrough for Pet Health and Sustainability
Veramaris® Pets, a new source of Omega-3 for pet food which provides twice as much EPA & DHA Omega-3 fatty acids compared to fish oil, has been launched by biotech Veramaris.
Regal King Salmon from New Zealand Launches Wood Roasted Salmon in U.S.
New Zealand King Salmon Co. is expanding its U.S. offerings with a retail line of premium wood-roasted salmon that provides a quick and easy way to transform an ordinary meal into an elegant and healthy repast.
Mary Kay Inc. Expands Partnership with The Nature Conservancy to Protect Waterways Across the Globe
Mary Kay has announced they’ve expanded that partnership with The Nature Conservancy to impact waterways—and native species—the world over.
The US supported Ecuador and denounced China's huge fleet of predatory fishing boats on the Galapagos Island
Ecuador Secretary of State Mike Pompeo alerted to the boats around the Marine Reserve. The Xi Jinping regime "routinely violates the sovereign rights and jurisdiction of coastal states," he charged....
Expert: Without updating the fleet, national quotas can go to other states
Russia Fed. If the national reserves of aquatic biological resources are not developed, other states will apply for the right to extract them The need for a large-scale renewal of the fishing fleet of Russia, th...
Transfer of cod quota to next year
Norway To help reduce problems in the markets after the corona outbreak, the Ministry of Trade and Industry has introduced a temporary scheme for the transfer of cod quotas at vessel level from 2020 to 2...
Two new patrol boats added to control illegal fishing
Peru The president of the Council of Ministers, Pedro Cateriano Bellido, led today in Chimbote, in the Ancash region, the launching ceremony of two modern maritime patrol boats and stressed that these vess...