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Prey-size plastics outnumber larval fish in nursery waters in the Pacific

UNITED KINGDOM | Thursday, November 14, 2019
New research has shown for the first time, that larval fish across a range of fish species...


Second anchovy fishing season in north-central area will begin this Sa
Peru | 00:00 | The second fishing season officially begins on Saturday, November 16 and will end when the... Full Story
Official data on prices and markets for imports of tilapia fillets
United States | 18:00 | Prices In September, the average price of imported fresh fillets at Customs was similar ... Full Story
Customs data on imports, prices and origin of Itoyori surimi
Japan | 17:50 | Price The average CIF price of itoyori surimi was JPY 336/kg at Japanese Customs in Septe... Full Story
Australian Seafood Companies Make a Splash in Silicon Valley
Seven Australian seafood companies battled their way past fierce global competition for the opportunity to pitch to investors at a competitive Silicon Valley pitch session - the Fish 2.0 Global Innovators Forum.
Wilbur-Ellis Nutrition Acquires Assets of Rangen, Inc.
Wilbur-Ellis Nutrition, an industry leader in the delivery of nutrients to the livestock, pet food and aquaculture industries acquires assets of the privately held aquaculture and general feed production company.
Over Half of UK Consumers Want to Eat More Seafood
Seafish, the public body that supports the UK seafood industry, has reveales new insights for UK seafood industry as results of State of the Nation research study.
Natural Shrimp, Inc. Receives First USD 1,000,000 in Subscriptions
NaturalShrimp, Inc., an aquaculture Company which has developed and patented the first commercially operational RAS for shrimp, has announced that it has received the first USD 1,000,000 in subscriptions.
Official data on prices and markets for imports of herring roe
Japan Prices The average price of imports of salted herring roe (HS 030520010) in September was JPY 1,088/kg, similar to the price registered in the previous month and 22% lower than in September 2018. Du...
Weekly movements of fishmeal and fish oil (Norway, China, Peru)
Worldwide FISH MEAL Norway Through week 43, 591,138 tonnes of fish were destined for reduction at an average price of NOK 2.91/kg, down 16% on those destined for such purpose during the same period in the pre...
Fishermen report good shrimps catches and very good sizes in Chubut waters
Argentina The catch of the first week of the season show a predominance of (L1 (10/20 PCs per kg), L2 (20/30 PCs per kg)and L3 (30/40 PCs per kg) in that percentage order. The Pleoticus muelleri that reaches th...
Mediterranean countries commit to fight IUU fishing and preserve threatened ecosystems
Greece General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean adopts measures to increase transparency, protect threatened corals and preserve breeding grounds Athens- Oceana applauds decisions to increase fis...