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Volume and prices │ Sendai Central Market │ October 2020

JAPAN | Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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BREXIT: Flagship Fisheries Bill becomes law
United Kingdom | 04:00 | The Fisheries Bill receives Royal Assent after 10 months in Parliament Yesterday the UK... Full Story
Automation of fishery product labeling reduces non-compliance errors b
European Union | 00:10 | The automation of the labeling of fishery products reduces by 98% the errors of non-compli... Full Story
Auction prices for common squid (todarodes pacificus) frozen on board
Japan | 00:10 | Source: FIS.com | Click to enlarge it [email protected] www.fis.com... Full Story
BioMar Continues to Invest in the Shrimp Segment
Construction on a new extrusion line in Ecuador has continued unaffected by the pandemic and builds on four decades of BioMar experience in extrusion technology.
Aquaculture Start-up Solar Oysters Aims to Clean the Chesapeake Bay
Solar Oysters has built an automated “floatovoltaic” oyster production system that has the potential to produce up to 2.4 million oysters in 45 times less space than a traditional farm.
Seafood Packaging that Convinces Squeamish Shoppers
More squeamish shoppers are put off by the way fish smells and looks, and the idea of messy handling, the good news is that for these shoppers, their aversion to handling raw fish can be combatted with Amcor packaging.
The Finest Seafood Products from Around the World
With a portfolio comprising more than 100 products, Siblou is today leading in product line variety hence enriching the seafood category in both the retail and foodservice sectors.
Celebration of the 'Alaska Seafood Fair' with Co-op Tohoku
Japan The Alaska Seafood Marketing Association (Headquarters: Juneau, Alaska, USA) is working with the Co-op Tohoku (Headquarters: Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture, Chairman: Katsuhito Fuyuki) from November 1...
Huge search continues for missing crew after fishing boat sinks
United Kingdom A desperate search for two missing fishermen has entered its second day after their boat sank off the East Sussex coast. The coastguard pulled one man from the water after the vessel, Joanna C, se...
Domestic market situation for wholesale frozen fish
Russia Fed. From November 16 to 22, the price dynamics of frozen fish in the wholesale segment of the domestic market continued to be multidirectional. In the Far East region, prices for pollock (93 rubles / k...
Lots of fishing is going on across Alaska – November updates!
United States A preliminary wrap up of Alaska’s 2020 salmon fishery shows that communities will be hurting in terms of fish tax revenues this coming year. The value of salmon landings is down by half or much ...