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Auction prices for common squid (todarodes pacificus) frozen on board │Ogi market (until jan-12)

JAPAN | Friday, January 15, 2021
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Seafood entry | Tokyo Central Fish Market (Toyosu, Adachi, Ota) |until
Japan | 18:00 | Source: FIS.com | Click to enlarge it  [email protected] www.fis.com... Full Story
Brazilian soy suppliers answer the global call for change
Brazil | 07:30 | BioMar applauds Brazilian soy producers Caramuru, Selecta and Imcopas’ swift move to... Full Story
Norway’s Minister of Fisheries wants more female fishers in the indust
Norway | 07:10 | Minister of Fisheries and Seafood Odd Emil Ingebrigtsen (H) wants more equality in the mal... Full Story
Efficent Ice Cooling
Plant manufacturer KTI-Plersch Kältetechnik GmbH implements hygienic 100 tonne/day ice supply for Danish fish processor, the stainless steel construction provides food-safe ice storage.
Fresh Frozen Seafood that Keep All the Goodness
Edenia fish is frozen the day it is caught from the ocean to remain fresh until is on your table, filleted and frozen on the day of catch, Edenia fish is a 100% natural product without additives or preservatives.
Winners of the WSI Video competition 2020 Revealed
The “WSI Video competition 2020” has for the fourth consecutive year discovered and awarded prizes to extraordinary stories from Indonesia, United Kingdom, Japan, Tanzania and India.
The Exquisite Flavor of the Ocean on Your Table
Panamei embraces a love for the ocean and for the culinary experiences it provides, its Select line of seafood is sourced from some of the most responsible fisheries from around the world.
Wild Alaskan Company Funds New Research Exploring Relationship between Sockeye Salmon Spawning and Mineral Deposits
United States Investigation, led by Dr. Nathan Putman, to provide new insights into how salmon use magnetic fields to navigate the globe and the effects of mineral extraction on fish Wild Alaska...
PRESS RELEASE: First RFVS-Certified Fishing Vessel Announced
Australia We asked Malcolm McNeill, Managing Director of Australian Longline Fishing, to tell us how they got involved and why it felt important to gain a vessel certification. ‘I first learnt of the d...
The Norwegian Pelagic Fishing Course in Week 1
Norway Good herring fishing in the north and lots of mackerel from foreign vessels Mackerel More than 30,600 tonnes of mackerel have been recorded in the first week of the year, most of which comes f...
Auction prices for common squid (todarodes pacificus) frozen on board │Ogi market (until jan-12)
Japan Source: FIS.com | Click to enlarge it [email protected] www.fis.com...