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  A company founded in 1983, Boyas Mexicanas is on the northwest coast of México in the port city of Mazatlán. This is the center of operations for the largest tuna and shrimp catch fleets in México.We are their main suppliers of dependable floats.
Our surface net float is used for tuna, sardine, anchovy, shrimp and scaled fish catch.
Our products are made of  P.V.C sponge with an independent cell design. This system of independent cells serves to prevent the entry of humidity into the floats thus allowing them to maintain their buoyancy even upon sustaining damage. Our floats are designed to be long lasting and give maximum resistance under diverse temperatures and conditions. This design produces a higher quality product with greather resistance to the sun, solvents, water and abrasion. In addition, our floats have a central reinforcement system (grommets) that are joined to the floats during the production process using the technique of vulcanization. These grommets are made from injected P.V.C. and serve to increase the life of the floats. In those floats produced by injection the grommets are adhered with glue. Furthermore, all of our products are flame retardant.
We periodically test the floats by subjecting them to pressures of 125 to 2,500 PSI depending upon the type of float. They are compressed until they become completely flat. Once the pressure is released they regain their original form without damage. All of these test ensure the high quality of our floats. This allows them to be used on surface fishing, shrimp and pulling ships.
Boyas Mexicanas completes its product testing at the laboratories of "Instituto Tecnológico del Mar" (S.E.P.). Here the floats are tested for buoyancy and pressure resistance. For example, our floats used on "fence in nets" can withstand a force of more than 2068 pounds before rupturing.
Our floats have been further tested in actual working conditions at depths of more than 150 feet. As the floats submerge and are subjected to increasing pressures, their design allows them to completely compress. Upon returning to the surface they regain their original form whithin minutes.

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