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In 1974, Uruguay signed an agreement with Argentina called "The Rio de la Plata and its Sea Front Border Treaty" in which was established a Common Fishing Zone (C.F.Z.). This Zone, relatively small in extention (100.000 sq. miles) , offers in its unpolluted cold waters vast marine resources with a maximum potential sustainable yield of nearly 200.000 metric tons per year.

The proximity of the fishing grounds provides our processing plants, settled along the uruguayan coast, a very fresh and first quality raw material.

Uruguay offers a wide range of sea products with different grades of technology and industralization; from frozen whole fish, gutted, headed and gutted, fillets and fish blocks in all its types to sausage and breaded products ready to eat.

The sanitary and high quality level of our products have openned the most different and demanding markets. About 95% of our production is being exported to over 35 countries among which we distinguish: U.S.A., Brazil, Italy, Germany, France, China, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Japan and Australia. These products arrive directly to home consumers throughout retail shops and supermarkets.

Uruguay-Argentine Common Fishing Zone.