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The Best Maine Seafood
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Let's start with the lobsters! We have them in all sizes from 1 pound to 3+ pounds (our favorite is 1.5 pounds). Our Captain and his crew check our trap lines on a daily basis - so we always have lobsters on hand. We also have a number of holding tanks on our wharf with seawater constantly pumped through so that a steady supply is assured. We sell lobsters wrapped in seaweed and cold packs for 100% guaranteed live delivery along with shucked scallops,
crabmeat, clams and Maine shrimp, when available.

We can also ship shelled lobster meat, if desired. Frozen lobster, scallops and crabmeat is also available. We also carry a rare treat - fresh farm-raised salmon smoked over locally cut applewood - what incredible flavor! Try our two styles - Maine Country (hot-smoked) and New York Deli (cold-smoked).

We sell to restaurants, supermarkets, to patrons of our restaurants and Eastport visitors, as well as to customers by overnight delivery mail. We ship anywhere, at any time of the year.

For a product and price list give us a call today!

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167 Water Street, Eastport, Maine 04631

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