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Valka to Deliver the World’s Most Efficient Processing System for Whole Salmon
(1/24/2020) - ICELAND
New Zealand Salmon – Still the Best Choice
(1/22/2020) - NEW ZEALAND
Seafoodia Proposes a New Logistics Solution in 2020
(1/20/2020) - FRANCE
ForSea Becomes the First Shipping Company in the World to Serve only MSC and ASC Labelled Fish and Seafood
(1/17/2020) - SWEDEN
Gluten Free, Heart Healthy, Sustainable Surimi Made with Natural Ingredients
(1/15/2020) - UNITED STATES
Flakstadvåg Laks AS Invests in SUB CHILLING™ System from Skaginn 3X
(1/14/2020) - ICELAND
Thai Union Receives Sustainability Disclosure Award for Sustainability Reporting
(1/10/2020) - THAILAND
From ‘Sea to Plate’: Sirane’s Seafood Packaging Range
(1/8/2020) - UNITED KINGDOM
Darling Ingredients Acquires 100% of EnviroFlight
(1/7/2020) - UNITED STATES
Kingfish Zeeland Secures Strategic Funding for Its EU and US Expansion
(12/20/2019) - NETHERLANDS
Thai Union Increases Stake in Thammachart Seafood Retail
(12/18/2019) - THAILAND
Cermaq Launches iFarm Project in January
(12/16/2019) - NORWAY
Schmidt Ocean Institute Maps One Million Square Kilometers of Seafloor and Joins Monumental Mapping Initiative
(12/11/2019) - UNITED KINGDOM
Kraken to Supply Thrusters to Leader in Robotic Net Cleaners for the Aquaculture Industry
(12/9/2019) - CANADA
Geeks Without Frontiers Awarded for Developing Connectivity Solutions that Champion Human Rights and Prevent Illegal Fishing
(12/4/2019) - UNITED KINGDOM
Duke Moscrip Announces the Launch of the Duke's Sustainable Solutions Foundation
(12/3/2019) - UNITED STATES
Western Australia Octopus Earns the Blue Fish Tick for Sustainability
(11/29/2019) - AUSTRALIA
All Natural Sustainable Canned Seafood
(11/27/2019) - CANADA
Pacifico True Striped Bass® Now Certified By The American Heart Association
(11/25/2019) - MEXICO
Rianxeira Launches New Line of Sustainable Canned Tuna
(11/20/2019) - SPAIN

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Coronavirus pandemic shakes up Alaska fishing industry
United States Like almost all industries and institutions across Alaska, the novel coronavirus pandemic is shaking up the fishing industry. With restrictions changing almost daily and cases spreading across the Un...
Seiyu Becomes First Retailer to Endorse BAP Certification
Japan Tokyo – Seiyu, GK (a Japanese subsidiary of Walmart Inc.) became the first retailer in Japan to introduce the Global Aquaculture Alliance's Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certification to...
Jack mackerel catch limit for 2020 increased
Peru Norm indicates that an additional 40,000 tons will be exclusively for fishing with artisanal vessels. Until March 20, 97.7% of the 100,000 ton-quota assigned last January had been met. The Ministry...
European South Pacific Jack mackerel fishery achieves MSC certification
Netherlands The Hague – A new milestone has been reached for sustainable jack mackerel fishing in the South Pacific. Following a 15-month assessment, the European South-Pacific Jack Mackerel Fishery was cer...