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Fair Northern Fish for European Consumers
(8/14/2018) - FINLAND
SOKOTRA Capital Ltd. Led Consortium Acquires 100% of L'Aquaculture Tunisienne
Bantry Bay Seafoods Becomes New Wave of Bantry
(8/3/2018) - UNITED STATES
Premium Organic Shrimp Delivered Directly from the Source
(8/1/2018) - UNITED STATES
Highly Durable, Flexible and Cost Effective Packaging Solutions
(7/31/2018) - NEW ZEALAND
Ted Danson and Katharine McPhee Headline Oceana's SeaChange Summer Party
(7/27/2018) - UNITED STATES
27 New Welders have Graduated from AKVA Academy
(7/26/2018) - CHILE
Seafood Nutrition Partnership Announces Second Annual State of the Science Symposium
(7/23/2018) - UNITED STATES
First ASIC Verified Shrimp Enters US Market
(7/11/2018) - INDONESIA
Verifik8 Tracks, Manages and Displays Social and Environmental Data on Seafood Operations
(7/10/2018) - THAILAND
Innovators Wanted – Own Office not Required
(7/4/2018) - NORWAY
Red Lobster and DoorDash Expand Partnership across North America
(7/3/2018) - UNITED STATES
Geneinno's Multi-Function Underwater Drone Raises over USD 100k on Kickstarter
(6/28/2018) - UNITED STATES
Farmed Sea Bass and Sea Bream from Corfu Sea Farm Confirmed Sustainable
(6/27/2018) - GREECE
Stavis Seafoods Unveils Prince Edward Frozen Organic Mussels
(6/26/2018) - UNITED STATES
World’s Largest Sustainable Tuna Fishery Launches Ethereum Blockchain
(6/21/2018) - NETHERLANDS
World's First Plant-Based Alternative to Raw Tuna
(6/20/2018) - UNITED STATES
BlueNalu, a Pioneer in “Cellular Aquaculture,” Announces Launch
(6/19/2018) - UNITED STATES
McDonald's Releases Reel It In! Sustainable Fishing Card Game
(6/15/2018) - UNITED STATES
Tech Visionary Oliver Luckett Moves Into Sustainable Seafood
(6/12/2018) - ICELAND

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Promising opportunities offered to southern rock lobster exporters
Australia The Australian southern rock lobster industry is well positioned to achieve significant export growth given the promising early catches, strong prices and the imminent Free Trade Agreement with China.
Irish seafood sales grow, inside and outside the country
Republic of Ireland Irish seafood exports recorded last year in the internal and external market for the first time exceeded the mark of EUR 1 billion, transforming 2017 into "an exceptional year for the country's marine economy".
Norway and Russia agree to reduce cod capture in the Barents Sea
Norway Norway and Russia have reached an agreement on Barents Sea fishery quotas for 2019, which sets a decline of about 7 per cent for cod catch from last year.
Fishing rights to be implemented to species for human consumption
Peru The Ministry of Production will publish this month the proposal for the implementation of fishing rights for species of direct human consumption, which would include jack mackerel, hake, mackerel and eel, among other resources.