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MCS Publishes its Latest Seafood Ratings
(10/11/2018) - UNITED KINGDOM
Experts in Transporting Live Fish Around the World
(10/10/2018) - AUSTRALIA
Clean Seas Launches World First SensoryFresh Range Across Europe
(10/8/2018) - AUSTRALIA
Targeting Fish Immunity and Natural Defenses Through Nutrition
(10/4/2018) - FRANCE
Fish Processing in the Digital World
(10/2/2018) - DENMARK
Honor National Seafood Month this October by Choosing the MSC Blue Fish Label
(10/1/2018) - UNITED STATES
BioMar works with farmers to create a premium shrimp
(9/28/2018) - ECUADOR
Umitron Expands Early Stage Funding and Starts Data Service for Aquaculture Insurance
(9/12/2018) - SINGAPORE
Data Ecosystem For The Global Seafood Industry
(9/10/2018) - UNITED STATES
Sustainable Omega 3 Consumption: A Positive Trend Set to Increase
(9/5/2018) - ITALY
Experts in Seafood Packaging
(9/3/2018) - UNITED STATES
Texas Shrimp Farmers Try New Technology to Prevent Disease
(8/30/2018) - UNITED STATES
SIMBA Seafood Traceability System Improves Productivity with Real Time Production Updates
(8/29/2018) - UNITED STATES
Seafood Products that Speak of the Ocean
(8/28/2018) - ITALY
Largest-Ever Order of NaturaLINEĀ® Goes To MSC
(8/23/2018) - SINGAPORE
Continued Expansion of Coast & Glen is a Major Jobs Boost for the Local Economy
(8/21/2018) - UNITED KINGDOM
MSC Scholarship Program Helps Fund Sustainability Research in Four Oceans
(8/15/2018) - UNITED KINGDOM
Fair Northern Fish for European Consumers
(8/14/2018) - FINLAND
SOKOTRA Capital Ltd. Led Consortium Acquires 100% of L'Aquaculture Tunisienne
Bantry Bay Seafoods Becomes New Wave of Bantry
(8/3/2018) - UNITED STATES

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SNP and WWF sign cooperation framework agreement aimed at improving fisheries management.
Peru The National Fisheries Society and WWF Peru renewed their institutional cooperation framework agreement, in order to continue working to safeguard the biodiversity of the Peruvian sea and Manage fisheries better and better.
EU Council backs Post-Brexit tariff rate quota agreement
European Union EU ambassadors in Coreper endorsed a deal with the European Parliament on the draft regulation setting the new quotas to be applied after Brexit in respect of a number of agricultural, fish, industrial and processed agricultural products.
Tesco directors acussed of fraud deemed not guilty
United Kingdom Two former Tesco directors have been acquitted of charges of fraud and false accounting at Britainā€™s biggest retailer after a 2014 scandal.
Pacific leaders strengthen fight against IUU fishing
United States The organisation Parties to the Nauru Agreement ensures that IUU fishing in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean is being targeted as never before following calls by Pacific Leaders to put an end to this practice.