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BAP Program Grows 29 Percent in 2018
(1/24/2019) - UNITED STATES
Japan’s Top Fishmonger Kicks Off Roadshow Offering Fresh Fish Straight From Japan to Select U.S. Cities
(1/22/2019) - UNITED STATES
SeaChange IGNITE Announces First Product Offering from Newly Form Collaboration
(1/18/2019) - UNITED STATES
Sixty South Announces 100% ASC Certified Pure Antarctic Salmon
(1/15/2019) - CHILE
Mazzetta Launches Oishii Live Frozen Shrimp Brand
(1/12/2019) - UNITED STATES
Kemin AquaScience Introduces Leadership Team
(1/9/2019) - UNITED STATES
Auburn Charts Path for 21st Century Vision of U.S. Aquaculture
(1/7/2019) - UNITED STATES
Seafoodia & Argis Galac’Sea Come Together
(1/5/2019) - FRANCE
Captain D's Starts 2019 Celebrating their Golden and Crispy Anniversary - 50 Years of Seafood Greatness
(1/2/2019) - UNITED STATES
Most Advanced Feed Barge Launched at Huon Aquaculture
(12/20/2018) - AUSTRALIA
UK Support Helps New Hong Kong Sustainable Seafood Coalition to Launch
(12/18/2018) - HONG KONG
Vitux AS Achieves Friend of the Sea's Certification for its Soft Chews
(12/12/2018) - NORWAY
Make your Seafood Feast Sustainable this Christmas
(12/11/2018) - AUSTRALIA
From Sea to Can: 2018 Southeast Asia Canned Tuna Ranking Report
(12/8/2018) - HONG KONG
IKEA Adds Delicious Salmon Balls to the Popular (M)eatball Range
(12/5/2018) - UNITED STATES
Sedna Technologies Selected for 2018 Accelerate and Start-Up Yard Programs
(11/30/2018) - CANADA
Woolworths Partners with WWF for a More Sustainable Future
(11/28/2018) - AUSTRALIA
Responsibly Farm-Raised Salmon
(11/26/2018) - UNITED STATES
Atlantic Natural Foods Introduces TUNO™
(11/23/2018) - UNITED STATES
The Kampachi Company Receives Investment from Sustainable Ocean Fund
(11/20/2018) - MEXICO

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SFP announces Target 75 progress
United States The Target 75 initiative launched by Sustainable Fisheries Partnership is halfway toward the goal of 75 percent of seafood production in key sectors classified as sustainable or improving toward sustainability by the end of 2020.
So far in 2019, Korea and Japan are the main destinations for surimi exports
United States At US Customs, the average price of Alaskan pollock surimi (Theragra chalcograma) (HS 0304991130) was USD 2.70/kg in February. This price is up 8% on that of January and 6% on that of February 2018. I...
Auction of new crab quotas expected to generate nearly USD 1.3 billion
Russia Fed. Russia’s Federation Council has approved a law that provides for the introduction of a new type of crab catch quotas.
Surimi imports of Extra-UE increased in 2018
European Union  Table 1: CIF price of Extra-EU surimi imports, of the 28 countries of the EU, 2019/2018, USD/kg Origin ...