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IKEA Canada Introduces New, Sustainable Salmon Balls
(3/18/2019) - CANADA
Pacific Seafood Releases Second Annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report
(3/8/2019) - UNITED STATES
Orkla Health Further Strengthens its Commitment to Sustainability with the Blue MSC Label
(3/7/2019) - NORWAY
True North Seafood and Sequential Brands Group Partner to Develop New Martha Stewart Product Line
(3/1/2019) - UNITED STATES
What’s For Dinner Today? ASC Launches Recipe Pages
(2/26/2019) - NETHERLANDS
Kongsberg Digital to Deliver State-of-the-Art K-Sim Fishery Simulator to VDAB in Belgium
(2/19/2019) - NORWAY
Marel: 2018 Results - 15% Revenue Growth and a Solid 14.6% EBIT Margin in 2018
(2/16/2019) - ICELAND
StarKist Expands Tuna Creations Pouch Line With New Asian Inspired Flavors
(2/12/2019) - UNITED STATES
Friend of the Sea Leads Just Eat to Take Shark Fin Soup off the Menu
(2/8/2019) - ITALY
NetRobot Keeps Nets Free from Fouling
(2/5/2019) - NORWAY
From Health Food to Biofuels: Meet the First Algae Farm to Attain ASC-MSC Certification
(1/29/2019) - JAPAN
Handy’s Innovations that Continue to be the Industry Standard Today.
(1/28/2019) - UNITED STATES
BAP Program Grows 29 Percent in 2018
(1/24/2019) - UNITED STATES
Japan’s Top Fishmonger Kicks Off Roadshow Offering Fresh Fish Straight From Japan to Select U.S. Cities
(1/22/2019) - UNITED STATES
SeaChange IGNITE Announces First Product Offering from Newly Form Collaboration
(1/18/2019) - UNITED STATES
Sixty South Announces 100% ASC Certified Pure Antarctic Salmon
(1/15/2019) - CHILE
Mazzetta Launches Oishii Live Frozen Shrimp Brand
(1/12/2019) - UNITED STATES
Kemin AquaScience Introduces Leadership Team
(1/9/2019) - UNITED STATES
Auburn Charts Path for 21st Century Vision of U.S. Aquaculture
(1/7/2019) - UNITED STATES
Seafoodia & Argis Galac’Sea Come Together
(1/5/2019) - FRANCE

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The MSC is celebrating 20 years of partnership with Whole Foods Market on sustainable seafood
United States Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is celebrating 20 years of partnership with Whole Foods Market on sustainable seafood. In 1999, Whole Foods Market became the first US retailer to partner with the MSC...
Exports of Alaskan pollock surimi according to official figures
United States At US Customs, the average price per kilogram of Alaskan pollock surimi (Theragra chalcogram) (HS 0304991130) in April was USD 2.78/kg. This price is 1% lower than that of March and 8% higher th...
EU and Guinea Bissau renew fishing agreement
Spain The European Union (EU) and Guinea Bissau have signed a new fisheries protocol in Brussels. The Agreement was suspended from November 23, 2017. Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Luis Planas...
The future of Whitefish Processing
Denmark When Marel hosts the Whitefish ShowHow in Copenhagen, 25 September, it will showcase the latest in hi-tech processing solutions. By bringing industry leaders together under the same roof with equipmen...