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BioMar Brings Feed Transparency into the Hands of Seafood Shoppers
(7/2/2019) - DENMARK
Calysta Announces U$30 Million Investment From BP Ventures to Improve Global Food Security
(6/28/2019) - UNITED STATES
Niceland Seafood Takes a Stand Against Seafood Fraud
(6/26/2019) - ICELAND
Application Deadline for Global Aquaculture Innovation Award is June 30
(6/20/2019) - UNITED STATES
The Future of Whitefish Processing: Copenhagen, 25 September
(6/18/2019) - DENMARK
AlgaPrime™ DHA Completes Successful Trial with Thai Union in Shrimp Feed
(6/13/2019) - THAILAND
UBC Goes All in for Sustainable Seafood
(6/12/2019) - CANADA
Two Reports Highlight Continued Growth of Certified Seafood in The Netherlands
(6/10/2019) - NETHERLANDS
Sustainable Solution for Controlling Algae and Bacteria in Fish Farming
(6/7/2019) - DENMARK
European Appetizers Aim to Be Trendy in Japan
(6/6/2019) - EUROPEAN UNION
Calling All Aquaculture Innovators
Delicious and Healthy Seafood
(5/31/2019) - UKRAINE
NSD Seafood, Inc. Acquires National Fish & Seafood, Inc.'s Assets
(5/29/2019) - UNITED STATES
Alaska Air Cargo Brings the Season's First Wild Copper River Salmon to Seattle
(5/20/2019) - UNITED STATES
Squid Trawler Reaping Benefits of WASSP F3X
(5/14/2019) - NEW ZEALAND
Chicken of the Sea Announces a Responsible Aquaculture Commitment
(5/2/2019) - UNITED STATES
Smarter Processing with Marel in Brussels
(4/24/2019) - BELGIUM
Red Lobster Partners With Ocean Conservancy To Help Protect And Preserve The World's Oceans
(4/23/2019) - UNITED STATES
Lloyd’s Register Nets First Audits for New ASC Aquaculture Standard
(4/16/2019) - UNITED KINGDOM
Sterling Sturgeon California’s Sustainable Farmed Fish Fills The Need For Demand
(4/13/2019) - UNITED STATES

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Brexit can significantly increase tuna prices
United Kingdom The countdown of the UK departure from the EU will actually begin - the deadline is 11 noon (London time) on October 31, 2019 - and the country is worried that it will face the Brexit without any agre...
A seafood fraud investigation DNA tested fish sold in the US. Here’s what they found
United States Here’s a fishy riddle. Question: when is a sea bass not a sea bass? Answer: when it’s a giant perch. That’s the conclusion of a recent study on fish sold to consumers in the United S...
New trawler 'Isla de Terranova' own by Pesca Baqueiro is already doing sea trials
Spain Isla de Terranova, the trawler built by Nodosa Shipyard for Pesca Baqueiro S.A., has already begun the first sea trials. The ship, with 49.9 meters in length, sailed yesterday along the Ría de ...
Trident Seafood won USDA wild salmon tender worth USD 3 million
United States The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has awarded its most recent wild salmon contract to Trident Seafoods, for federal child nutrition and other domestic food assistance programs for Fis...