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Kongsberg Maritime to Deliver Large Electric Winch Package to New Vessel for Faroese Fishing Company JFK
(10/14/2020) - NORWAY
Atlantic Sapphire Revolutionizes the Salmon Industry with Sustainable, U.S. Raised Bluehouse Salmon Product
(10/12/2020) - UNITED STATES
Echo Detects Red Shrimp in the Mediterranean
(10/7/2020) - CANADA
Wärtsilä Reels in Another Fishing Vessel Order
(10/5/2020) - FINLAND
Albertsons Companies and FishWise Dive into National Seafood Month with a Splash
(10/2/2020) - UNITED STATES
Eco-friendly Salmon Boards Could be Industry Game Changer
(9/30/2020) - UNITED KINGDOM
STARFISH Project Gathers Critical SSF Data for the First Time
(9/28/2020) - BELGIUM
Seafood Expo Asia Introduces Seafood Expo Asia Reconnect
(9/25/2020) - UNITED STATES
Menon Enhances Immune System Health of Aquaculture Through Development of Sustainable Feed Ingredient
(9/23/2020) - UNITED STATES
New SeaPak Shrimp Sea Pals Bring Fun and Flavor to the Kitchen Table
(9/21/2020) - UNITED STATES
Safe Catch Solves Mercury Problem in Seafood for Industry and Consumers
(9/18/2020) - UNITED STATES
Pingtan Marine Enterprise Announces Departure of 10 New Squid Jigging Vessels
(9/16/2020) - CHINA
Kongsberg Maritime to Design and Equip an Innovative New Krill Vessel for Rimfrost
(9/14/2020) - NORWAY
Scout Launches First Canned Seafood Brand 100% Sourced from Canada and the U.S.
(9/11/2020) - CANADA
Kvarøy Fiskeoppdrett is Norway’s First Salmon Farm to Earn BAP Certification
(9/10/2020) - NORWAY
Nocera, Inc. Launches Its Next-Generation Recirculating Aquaculture Systems in Taiwan
(9/8/2020) - TAIWAN
CH4 Global Announces USD $3M Seed Round Funding with a Mission to Urgently Impact Climate Change
(9/6/2020) - UNITED STATES
FDA Trains AI to Sniff Out Bad Seafood
(9/4/2020) - UNITED STATES
Vital Pet Life Raises Bar On Competition By Announcing Their Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil Is Now Certified Sustainable
(8/15/2020) - UNITED STATES
S2G Ventures Launches Oceans and Seafood Strategy
(8/13/2020) - UNITED STATES

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