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Niceland Seafood provides full traceability instantly online, from the moment the fish is caught to the time it reaches the retailer.

Niceland Seafood Takes a Stand Against Seafood Fraud

  (ICELAND, 6/26/2019)

Niceland Seafood, the first turn-key provider of Icelandic fish to offer full traceability from "sea-to-pan", is on a mission to transform the seafood industry. Niceland is delivering fish directly from Iceland, a country recognized for excellence in sustainable fishery management, and using the most environmentally friendly methods of transport to get premium cod, arctic char, ocean perch and other species to grocery stores, consumers and professional chefs.

To take a stand against fraud and to lead by example, Niceland Seafood has developed a fish-purchasing experience with its TraceabiliT™ web-app. Now, buyers and home cooks can see the entire journey of their meal, including the location in Icelandic waters where the fish was caught (or farm raised), the fishermen, species information, the processing plant and transport information. The entire TracabiliT chain is viewable by using any smartphone's built-in camera to resolve a QR code on the package. Transparency at this level represents critical progress for the industry, and further positions Niceland as the company carrying the transparency torch.

Niceland Seafood is the first turn-key provider of fresh Icelandic Fish to offer full traceability from sea to pan.

In addition to its tracing technology, Niceland Seafood is committed to reducing waste within the global supply chain - all Niceland Seafood products are shipped using 100% recyclable CoolSeal™ boxes, and the company is committed to never using the industry standard styrofoam packaging. Niceland is creating a future-proof solution as it enters eco-conscious cities across the country that have begun to ban single-use styrofoam.

Niceland Seafood, based in Reykjavik, chose Denver as its U.S. headquarters partially due to its partnership with Icelandair (the company air freights its fish via direct, commercial flights).  

Every Niceland Seafood package arrives with a unique QR (Quick Response) code that once scanned, visualizes the individual journey of all of its products from the fishing grounds (or fish farm) to the store.

The company is quickly securing and expanding its supply side position with the recent acquisition of NASTAR and Viking Fresh in Reykjavik. Home cooks in the U.S. can now discover the Niceland Seafood experience in select King Soopers, City Markets, Busch's, Metcalfe's and Peapod Delivery through partnerships with major distributors (Seattle Fish, Fortune Fish, Halpern's Steak and Seafood, and Greenpoint Fish & Lobster). This means home cooks in 12 states (Wisconsin, Michigan, Colorado, Minnesota, Illinois, New York, Connecticut, Texas, Missouri, Montana, Wyoming and Florida) have access to premium, nutritious Icelandic fish.  

Niceland Seafood keeps track of when and where a fish is caught.

About Niceland Seafood

Niceland Seafood was founded by the brand incubator EFNI, who in collaboration with Iceland-based international investment company Eyrir Invest. EFNI's mission is to share Iceland's values of sustainability, humanism, creativity, connectivity and the preservation of nature with the world. Niceland Seafood is the brainchild of both Oliver Luckett, former Head of Innovation at The Walt Disney Company and founder and former CEO of theAudience, and Heida Helgadottir, renowned Icelandic political entrepreneur behind the famous Best Party. Luckett and Helgadottir launched Niceland Seafood in June 2018 in Reykjavik to solve the growing need for transparency in the industry.

About EFNI

EFNI connects the dots between culture and commerce, heritage and media, and the local and global. By employing technology and online mediums, EFNI shares the magic of Iceland with the world.

About Eyrir Invest

Eyrir Invest is an international investment company that focuses on investments in industrial companies which have the potential to become true global leaders. Eyrir Invest places great emphasis on aligning execution with quality long-term strategic planning.

Source: Niceland Seafood

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