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IN BRIEF - Aquaculture industry under pressure on both coasts

Friday, November 01, 2019

ELLSWORTH — Maquoit Bay in Brunswick and Puget Sound in Washington state are separated by thousands of miles, but shellfish farmers in both places are feeling some heat.

Earlier this month, a federal judge in Seattle ruled that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers permit that authorizes virtually all shellfish aquaculture in Washington state was void because “the Corps has failed to adequately consider the impacts of commercial shellfish aquaculture activities” as required by the federal Clean Water Act and the National Environmental Policy Act.

The court’s order could force Washington’s shellfish farmers to cease activities other than the harvest of animals already in the water until the Corps issues individual permits for each shellfish farming site.

Source: Ellsworth American

Other Media | Audlindin: Brim acquires a stake in Iceland Pelagic

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Brim ehf has reached an agreement on the purchase of one-third share in Iceland Pelagic ehf. by Ísfélag Vestmannaeyja and Skinney-Thinganes. The company's operating profit in 2019 was 175 million and equity at 31 December 2019 million. The parties will hold an equal stake in Iceland Pelagic ehf., But the company is a sales company that has sold most of the pelagic products in foreign markets, mainly in Eastern Europe and Africa. 

With the acquisition, Brim hf. take the step of rallying teams with more manufacturers of Icelandic pelagic products in overseas product sales. In the aftermath of considerable uncertainty regarding stocks and operating environment in general, it is important to strengthen the market position of Icelandic pelagic products in increasingly fierce competition in foreign markets. The purchase is made with normal conditions.

Source: Audlindin (Icelandic)

Other Media | Industrias Pesqueras: Argentine fishing industry, facing the risk of paralysis

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

The different organizations in the Argentine fishing sector, through the so-called Inter-Chambers of Argentina, have published a joint statement in which, in addition to expressing their concern about the COVID-19 crisis, they show their commitment to the supply of food and the continuity of fishing. However, they warn of the risk of paralysis of fishing in the country given a series of problems that ship owners are encountering and that affect daily operations from different perspectives. The organizations of the sector speak of an "imminent paralysis of the industry" and, consequently, a disruption in the normal supply of fish for both the domestic and export markets.
To start with, the shipowners point out that many unions representing workers have urged the sector to stop, alleging the lack of sanitary conditions. The sector reports that in recent weeks it has worked on a sanitary protocol that ensures both health conditions and the operation of ships, although there is still no agreement between employers and workers.
Shipowners also warn of difficulties in accessing fuel, despite the fact that the energy industry is not having problems in the supply in a normal way, in some ports, such as the case of Mar del Plata, the sector warns that companies Responsible for the transfer of fuel to the boats are not working, preventing the departure of the boats.
Source: Industrias Pesqueras | Read the full article here (Spanish)

Other Media | aqua.cl: Australis Seafoods increased their salmon harvests by 22.3%

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

49.5% of the total harvests for the period came from the Magallanes region. Similarly, the volume sold increased by 18.3% compared to 2018.
Australis Seafoods recently presented its financial results as of December 2019. As explained by the company to the Commission for the Financial Market (CMF), during the year there was a decrease in the prices of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) and trout compared to the same period of the previous year. The decrease in the price per species was 3.5% for salting and 5.0% for rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss). For the coho species (Oncorhynchus kisutch), the value increased by 4.7%.
Finally, the consolidated FOB price was 5.71 US $ / kg WFE, versus the 5.92 US $ / kg WFE registered in the same period of 2018, which represents a decrease of 3.6%.
In addition, the volume harvested during 2019 increased by 22.3% compared to the previous year, where 49.5% of the total harvests for the period came from the Magallanes region. Similarly, the volume sold increased by 18.3% compared to 2018.
As a result, the income registered for production-related sales between January and December 2019 totaled US $ 404.0 million, which represents an increase of 14.0% compared to that registered in 2018.
Source: Aqua.cl | Read the full article here (Spanish)

Other Media | FishFarmer: Salmon processing row turns political

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

THE decision to allow Mowi and Lerøy Seafood exemption from Norwegian processing rules erupted into a political row at the weekend.

Norwegian Labour Party (AP) figure Cecilie Myrseth has called for answers from Norway’s Conservative government, while demanding that all companies are treated equally.

Last week the Food Safety Authority caused a stir within the industry when it said that because of the coronavirus crisis, Mowi and Lerøy, the country’s two largest salmon producers, could be granted an exemption from strict rules which state that fish with certain quality deficiencies must be processed in Norway before being exported.

It brought a strong protest from the trade body representing small and medium sized processors, who said they were well equipped to take on any extra work.

Myrseth, who is Labour’s fisheries spokesperson, has sent a series of questions to the new seafood minister, Odd Emil Ingebrigtsen, calling for an explanation.

She told the business website and journal E.24 that big companies should not be allowed to move work abroad when there was plenty of spare capacity at home.

Author: Vince McDonagh / Fish Farmer |  Read the full article here

Other Media | Food Manufacture: Sykes Seafood acquisition creates £269m business

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Liverpool-based Sykes Seafood has completed the acquisition of processor Klaas Puul from the Dutch Seafood Company, leading to the creation of a €300m (£269m) pan European seafood business.

Sykes’ acquisition of Klaas, one of the largest shrimp processors in Europe, strengthens its presence on the continent and bolsters its range of chilled and frozen products for retail, foodservice and manufacturing sectors

The deal included Klaas Puul’s operations in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Denmark and Morocco, as well as its 3,500 employees

Author:  James Ridler/The Manufacture | Read full article here

Other Media | Kyst.no: - All my crane operators are sick, so the commander had to do the trick himself

Monday, March 30, 2020

Head of shipyard at Larsnes Mek. Verkstad says they have 99 per cent operation a day, although the corona crisis creates some extra work. The shipyard has recently delivered the world's first hybrid well boat "Ro Vision", while the identical sister ship "Ro Venture" is being fitted. 

When Kyst.no calls Jarle Gunnarstein, CEO of Larsnes Mek. Verkstad, tell the shipyard manager that he has been very busy as his crane operators are sick with the flu.

- They have only the usual flu, fortunately, but since they were ill, the boss had to even pull himself to the crane, because I was the only one who had the certificate. I have been driving a crane for two days, tell Gunnarstein. 

Full operation, despite difficult times

- It is no better just to have full operation during these corona times. But me manages to have full operation, almost 99 percent, so I'm proud of that.

Gunnarstein says that they have a lot of work during the day.

- Me has more boats with me working on. As long as I'm getting hold of me, I'm working full time. These employees are doing a very good job, says the shipyard manager, who points out that fortunately there are few who are coronas infestations in the municipality. 

Author: Therese Soltveit/kyst | Read full story here (Norwegian)

Other Media | Japan Maritime Daily: Concerns around the world container and cargo movement deterioration.

Monday, March 30, 2020

According to the Japan Maritime Center, container cargo volume from Asia to the United States (North America eastbound) in February decreased by 9% year-on-year to 1.2 million TEU, and that from January to Asia (Europe westbound) decreased by 4% to 154 10,000 TEU. Following the U.S.-China trade dispute, China's production stagnation is likely to have been affected since February. With the spread of the new coronavirus infection, declining demand on the European and American sides is likely to affect the future. North America East from 18 countries / regions in Asia.

Source:  The Japan Maritime Daily | Read full story here (Japanese subscription only)

Other Media | Suisan Times: Corona influence, JF 'extremely serious since late February'

Monday, March 30, 2020

The Japan Food Service Association (JF, Chairman Shinichiro Takaoka) announced on September 25 that sales after the outbreak of the new coronavirus were "serious." "It's extremely serious since the end of February." Regarding the trend since March, "Some chains, such as Izakaya, dinner restaurants, and family restaurants, have lost more than 50% of their sales.

Many stores have been forced to close or shorten their business hours. It is a welcome party season, but at this time reservations can not be made. " He also points out that inbound demand is declining. It also says that sales of tenants such as food courts in commercial facilities have dropped sharply.

Source: Suisan Times | Read full article here (Japanese subscription only)

Other Media | Suissan Keizai: consider key measures for the economy as results of COVID-19

Monday, March 30, 2020

A joint meeting of the Liberal Democratic Party Fisheries Committee (Chairman Shigeki Iwai) and General Fisheries Research Committee (Chairman Yasukazu Hamada) was held at the party headquarters on March 26, examining the key issues related to economic measures associated with the corona measures.

"I was instructed by the Liberal Democratic Party's political chairman to take drastic economic measures (such as measures against corona) on the 11th and pointed out that important matters should be submitted to the chairman of the Fisheries Committee and the Agriculture and Forestry Committee. The measures submitted by each subcommittee were narrowed down to measures that would lead to policies related to Japan's overall economy and people's lives, and they were notified to submit by 5:00 pm on March 26. " "The Fisheries Subcommittee and Fisheries Comprehensive Investigation Committee have compiled important points on economic measures in response to the comments from the fisheries industry at the previous joint meeting board meeting," the Secretariat announced. Eventually, the Joint Committee revised and submitted it to the Political Investigation Committee.

Source: The SUISAN-KEIZAI | Read full story here (Japanese subscription only)

ANNOUNCEMENT - Information for Alaska’s Seafood Industry on COVID-19

Sunday, March 29, 2020

The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute is here to support our industry in the uncertain and ever-changing Coronavirus (COVID-19) landscape. ASMI assembled a web page with resources from public health and industry experts regarding food safety and Alaska seafood for use as a basis for communication with external stakeholders. ASMI also published talking points from the National Fisheries Institute, and prepared this PDF document as an informational resource for Alaska’s seafood industry.

ASMI continues to monitor the situation and will update the site with additional information and resources as available. Do you know of additional resources that may be helpful to include?

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