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IN BRIEF - Ukrainian seafood buyers want to connect with Unalaska’s fisheries

Thursday, July 12, 2018

International seafood buyers are scheduled to visit Unalaska this month, but they don’t hail from a massive importer like China or Japan.

They’re coming from Ukraine — a once-modest market for Alaska fish that’s slowly reemerging after political upheaval and economic crisis.

In 2013, Ukraine spent USD 105 million on American seafood — a record for the Eastern European nation that loves hake, pollock and salmon roe.

But two years later, those imports had plummeted almost 70 percent as the Ukrainian government was overthrown and parts of its land occupied by Russia.

Source: KTOO

IN BRIEF - Twelve Retailers from China join GLOBALG.A.P.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

China Ants Alliance (CAA) was established by twelve retailers from six provinces in China. It is operated and managed by Zhengzhou Ant Hezhong Business Management Co. Ltd., which implemented a board management system. Currently, the CAA has 32 corporate members from 19 provinces and municipalities. Its members operate over 1,300 supermarket stores serving 10 million customers per day and generating an annual turnover of more than CNY 45 billion (approx. EUR 5.7 billion). CAA will strive to promote good agricultural practices in the Chinese market and is committed to ensuring food safety and excellent quality for Chinese consumers through its own brand for fresh produce.

During the membership signing ceremony at the 2 nd National Private Brand Conference in Zhengzhou, China, CAA Chairman Mr. Wu Junhong stated: “With the strategic cooperation between China Ants Alliance and GLOBALG.A.P., we now have access to GLOBALG.A.P. resources in China and around the world. This provides invaluable support for taking our private fresh produce brand to the next level.

Flavio Alzueta, Vice President and CMO of GLOBALG.A.P., added: “We have been working in the Chinese market for more than 10 years, collaborating with government authorities and producer associations. It is a milestone in the development of GLOBALG.A.P. in China, thanks to the relevance and local knowledge of CAA members in their respective provinces. We are going to work together to deliver excellent products to the Chinese consumers.”

Source: GlobalG.A.P.

IN BRIEF - EU Fisheries failures jeopardise sustainability of small fishing communities, researchers argue

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Traditional artisanal fishing has been harmed by EU fishing policies that favour big businesses and ignores other more sustainable approaches to conserving fish stocks, according to new research from the University of Kent.

This is the main finding of research by Dr Alicia Said, Professor Douglas MacMillan, and Dr Joseph Tzanopoulos of the School of Anthropology and Conservation (SAC) published in the world-leading open-access journal Frontiers in Marine Sciences.

To uncover the impact these actions have on local fishing fleets the researchers conducted in-depth interviews with fishing communities, fishers, and policy people, combined with detailed economic and policy analysis. The report found that traditional fishermen were being driven from the sea by specific policies that favour larger boats and richer owners.

Source: Science Daily

IN BRIEF - Fish farmers opt for herbal feed

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Ludhiana - Fish farmers in Punjab are experimenting with therapeutic wonders such as garlic, ginger and aloe vera. They are growing these plants on the banks of their fish ponds. These plants serve a twin purpose — the farmers use them for their own consumption and also to improve the nutritional value of “traditional” fish feed.

Folk medicine speaks about the health-enhancing value of these plants and now fishery experts too are endorsing their health-augmenting qualities. According to experts, parts of these plants used in powdered form improve the quality of fish feed.

Jasvir Singh, a fish farmer from Khanna, grows garlic on the banks of his fish pond in his ancestral Karodian village. Garlic is grown without the use of any chemical, hence it’s organic. He uses its powder to feed his fish. “I add around 20 gm organically-grown garlic powder to 1kg fish feed. It gives good results in terms of better fish health which means better quality of fish meat,” says Jasvir.

Source: Tribune India

IN BRIEF - AKVA group ASA: Supply and Sales Contract

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

AKVA group is pleased to announce that it has entered into a Supply and Sales Contract with Grieg NL Seafarms Ltd, the marine based operations of Grieg NL. Grieg NL's aquaculture project in Newfoundland and Labrador includes developing significant production of salmon in Placentia Bay, Newfoundland, Canada. Under the Supply and Sales Contract, AKVA group, through its wholly owned Canadian subsidiary AKVA group North America Inc., will become exclusive supplier of feed systems and feed barges for the period up to 2026.

The barges will be built locally, utilizing AKVA's decades of experience within feed barge design and innovation. The Supply and Sales contract's scope is for a minimum of eight barges. The final number of barges is dependent upon the final number of licenses/sites issued and approved by the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador and the Federal Authorities.

Source: Globe Newswire

IN BRIEF - Sysco’s Cutting Edge Solutions Introduces New Product Offerings

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

HOUSTON - Sysco Corporation, the leading global foodservice distribution company, announced today the launch of ten new products available exclusively for customers through its Cutting Edge Solutions platform. The product concepts, developed by Sysco and sourced from leading and up-and-coming suppliers, are designed to help our customers succeed by enabling them to differentiate themselves in this competitive business environment.

“The newest additions to our Cutting Edge Solutions platform showcase not only the latest on-trend flavors, labor-saving innovations and versatile product solutions, but also further demonstrate our commitment to eco-friendly and plant-based products and proteins,” said Brian Todd, senior vice president of merchandising, Sysco. “These products reinforce our commitment to being our customers most valued and trusted business partner by helping them to refresh their menus, drive increased traffic and streamline their back-of-house operations.”

Source: Globe Newswire

IN BRIEF - Eating Fish Thrice A Week During Pregnancy May Boost The Baby’s Eyesight and Brain

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

According to a study published in the journal Pediatric Research, pregnant women can enhance the development of their unborn baby's eyesight and brain function by regularly consuming fatty fish during pregnancy. The findings suggested that infants whose mothers are fish three or more times a week during the last trimester of their pregnancy fared better than those whose mothers ate no fish or only up to two portions per week. According to the researchers, the results of the study suggest that frequent fish consumption by pregnant women is of benefit for their unborn child's development.

As per the researchers, this may be attributable to long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids within fish, but also due to other nutrients like vitamin D and E, which are also essential for development. For the study, the research team analysed results of a small group of mothers and their children drawn from a larger study.

In the study, the mothers had to keep a regular food diary during the course of their pregnancy. Fluctuations in their weight before and during pregnancy were taken into account, along with their blood sugar level and blood pressure. The team recorded the levels of nutritional long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acid sources in the mother's diet and blood serum, and the levels in the blood of their children by the age of one month.

Source: NDTV

IN BRIEF - Warmer Arctic waters attract surprising visitors: clams, fish and whales

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

On a ship near the top of the planet, a 54-kilogram steel claw dumps out mud freshly scooped from the bottom of the sea. Jackie Grebmeier gets to work with a pair of tweezers, picking shrimplike critters called amphipods out of the muck.

Grebmeier has been digging up animals in the waters between Alaska and Russia for more than 30 years. And she has noticed a trend: A retreat has begun here at the edge of the Arctic. With temperatures rising, creatures such as amphipods have been inching northward. Meanwhile, clams and fish and whales from balmier climes have begun to move in.

"We're starting to see changes that we've never seen in the decades we've been studying this area," says Grebmeier, a biological oceanographer at the University of Maryland Centre for Environmental Science (UMCES) in Solomons.

Source: Stuff

IN BRIEF - Light pollution makes fish more courageous

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Artificial light at night makes guppies more courageous during the day, according to a behavioural study led by researchers from the Leibniz Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries (IGB) and the Max Planck Institute for Human Development. Exposing fish to artificial light at night made fish more active during the night, and also made them emerge quicker from hiding places during the day, which could increase their exposure to predators. Nocturnal lighting, however, did not affect their swimming speed or social behaviour during the day.

Light pollution can have many influences on ecological processes. Previous research has shown that artificial light at night can have several direct consequences on nighttime activity and movement patterns of animals. Many animal species like birds and insects are attracted by artificial light sources at night, which causes disorientation. But how artificial light at night impacts the behaviour of individuals during the day, when the source of light pollution is absent, is largely unknown.

Source: Phys

IN BRIEF - Turnover tops GBP 120m at fish business

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Turnover has grown to more than GBP 120m at the East Yorkshire-based UK arm of an Icelandic fish retailer, but the acquisition of a new site has affected profits.

Seagold was established in 1996 as the UK’s marketing arm for Samherji hf, selling Frozen at Sea fillets, from the ICE FRESH brand.

The Hessle-based company now sells in UK, France, Belgium, Germany, US, Poland and Greece with customers covering wholesale, retail and processing sectors. Much of the wholesale produce goes to the fish and chips trade.

Source: Insider Media

IN BRIEF - Southeast shrimping, crab fisheries kick into gear; market for sea cucumbers gets a boost

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

As Alaska's salmon season draws to a close, lots of fall fisheries are just getting underway from Ketchikan to the Bering Sea.

Southeast is one of Alaska's busiest regions for fall fishing, especially for various kinds of shellfish. Nearly 400,000 pounds of side stripe and pink shrimp are being hauled in by a few beam trawlers, and the season for spot shrimp opens Oct. 1. Usually about half a million pounds of the popular big spots are hauled up in local pots over several months.

Dungeness crab fishing also will reopen in Southeast in October, and up to 200 Southeast divers will head down for more than 1.7 million pounds of sea cucumbers starting October 1. A 140,000 pound sea cucumber fishery at Kodiak attracts around 20 divers and smaller cuke catches in the 5,000 to 20,000-pound range also occur along the Alaska Peninsula, the Aleutians and Bering Sea.

Source: Anchorage Daily News

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IN BRIEF - Sysco’s Cutting Edge Solutions Introduces New Product Offerings
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IN BRIEF - AKVA group ASA: Supply and Sales Contract
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IN BRIEF - Fish farmers opt for herbal feed
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IN BRIEF - EU Fisheries failures jeopardise sustainability of small fishing communities, researchers argue
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IN BRIEF - Twelve Retailers from China join GLOBALG.A.P.
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Project limiting giant squid capture to be voted in the Senate
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Hake fishing banned until end of the year in common zone with Argentina
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Atlantic scallop stocks likely to be reduced by ocean acidification
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Four aquaculture centres in Jalisco granted certification
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Pangasius sales to UAE experience sharp increase
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Cermaq starts salmon farming in closed containers
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MSC to start new fisheries standard review
Sep 25, 22:00 (GMT + 9):
Spanish tuna fleet pilot project claims FAD efficiency in Seychelles
Sep 25, 21:10 (GMT + 9):
Latin American countries agree on projects to ease seafood trade

Trade war with China could force Maine lobster industry to change its strategy
United States Maine lobster may use Canada as a “grey-market” conduit to China after President Donald Trump’s trade war with the Asian country, as some experts believe.
British retailer to sell bycatch to support fishery sustainability
United Kingdom Unwanted seafood varieties rejected by other supermarkets, such as megrim, grey gurnard, whiting and pouting, which would be thrown back into the sea either dead or slowly dying, will no longer go to waste thanks to retailer Iceland Foods.
Alleged unfair competition complaint unleashes legal battle in cannery market
Chile Orizon -- one of the fishing subsidiaries of the Angelini group -- filed a lawsuit for unfair competition against CV Trading, a company belonging to Bruzzone family, which markets multiple categories of food products.
Catalonia bets on blue crab intensive fishing in Ebro Delta
Spain The Government of Catalonia will promote intensive professional capture of blue crab to ensure its trade through the fishing markets, in order to contain its expansion in the Ebro Delta.
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