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Women in Seafood (WSI): Marine resource MIS-management

WORLDWIDE | Saturday, November 23, 2019
In preparation for the FAO Fisheries Responsibility Symposium which gathered some 800 ex...


Galician fish markets bill for cockles 80% more than in the last decad
Spain | 14:50 | Harvests increased by 44% in relation to the average of the last ten years and average pri... Full Story
Iceland accused of threatening sustainability of mackerel stocks
United Kingdom | 06:50 | Leaked document says fishing surge in international waters poses long-term risks Icelan... Full Story
Mussel concession relocation law enters into force
Chile | 06:40 | The legislation will strengthen, for example, small-scale aquaculture activities, by creat... Full Story
Rianxeira Launches New Line of Sustainable Canned Tuna
Spanish company Grupo Jealsa Rianxeira is taking great strides in its commitment to sustainability and has recently launched a new line of 100% sustainable canned tuna.
HiSea Project to Launch the First Prototype of a High-Resolution System Providing Data on Sea Water Quality
The first prototype platform providing high resolution data of sea water quality will be revealed at the project's General Assembly scheduled to take place in Nice, France on November 25-26, 2019.
Fishing Companies Donate Millions to New Kongsberg Fishery Simulator in Greenland
Nine commercial fishery companies have donated in total DKK 3.2 million (USD 470.000) to Danish training institute, the Greenland Maritime Center, for investment in a state-of-the-art K-Sim Fishery simulator from Kongsberg Digital.
Australian Seafood Companies Make a Splash in Silicon Valley
Seven Australian seafood companies battled their way past fierce global competition for the opportunity to pitch to investors at a competitive Silicon Valley pitch session - the Fish 2.0 Global Innovators Forum.
You don't eat black headed shrimp? Experts set out the reason for the 'black change': eat calmly
Taiwan When winter comes, the hot pot is more popular with the public, and meat and seafood are basic. It is only the shrimp that everyone puts most commonly in this country. Recently, the Internet has begun...
Louisiana fishing industry loses USD 258 million due to flooding
United States The Louisiana fishing industry suffered an estimated USD 258 million in losses due to the historic 2019 flooding event, according to a fisheries disaster economic impact analysis conducted by the Loui...
Fisheries industry seems part of Kim's drive to build economic independence
Korea D. People's R. North Korean state media released on Tuesday a report detailing a recent visit by leader Kim Jong-un to two fisheries, apparently underlining Kim's desire for economic independence. The visit is no...
Western Australia octopus fishery gets MSC certification
Australia Western Australia octopus fishery has become  the first octopus fishery in the southern hemisphere to achieve MSC certificate   Twelve species from Western Australian fi...