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Press Releases

redballt.gif (924 bytes)5/5/98 Salmon Farmers Present Case for Eliminating Dumping Margins

redballt.gif (924 bytes)4/16/98 U.S. Industry Anxiously Awaits Trade Decision on Salmon

redballt.gif (924 bytes)2/23/98 American Hotel and Motel Association Joins Salmon Trade Alliance

redballt.gif (924 bytes)1/9/98 Chilean Salmon Farmers will Fight Commerce Department's Mixed Ruling on Dumping

redballt.gif (924 bytes)1/9/98 Salmon Trade Alliance: Cross Section of U.S. Industries Pleased with Commerce Department's Ruling on Chilean

redballt.gif (924 bytes)12/17/97  National Restaurant Association and Food Marketing Institute Join Salmon Trade Alliance

redballt.gif (924 bytes)11/12/97  Chile Salmon Growers Vindicated on Subsidy Charge

redballt.gif (924 bytes)10/23/97  New Study Shows Chile Salmon Industry Supports 7,000 U.S. Jobs

                                Full text of Study:    Web Version      Adobe PDF Version

redballt.gif (924 bytes)9/30/97 Major U.S. Companies Protest Salmon Dumping Petition

redballt.gif (924 bytes)9/18/97  Washington State Business Join Growing U.S. Protest