The SÓMI, produced at Batasmidja Gudmundar, has been a favourite vessel among successful fishermen all around Iceland and elsewhere.

The SÓMI is an outstanding workboat with excellent deck space, voluminous fish holds and exceptional carrying capacity. Working conditions aboard these boats rank with the best in this size category and even surpass much larger boats.

Wheelhouse equipment includes all controls as well as electronic navigational and fish-finding equipment and a chart table. The comfortable cabin features rugged teak fittings, benches, table, lockers as well as a galley and head.

The standard engine in the SÓMI series is a Volvo Penta diesel engine with direct drive or inboard/outboard delivering a performance of up to 30 knots. The normal, comfortable cruising speed is 20-24 knots. This exceptional speed is achieved by the boat's planing ability, which reduces drag and improves fuel economy in the bargain.

We take care to select only the best available equipment for our SÓMI boats, but of course all boats can be fitted out according to our customers' wishes.

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1.Superstructure. The SÓMI series superstructure features six windows and a skylight/emergency hatch on the cabin roof. The mast will carry all aerials, navigational lights and deck lights. Windshield wipers.

2.Wheelhouse. All controls on starboard side conveniently arranged within easy reach from wheel. Chart table to port.

3. Cabin. Spacious interior with two benches which double as berths. Good, sturdy table. Good locker space. WC to starboard and galley to port. Carpeted floor. Walls and roof upholstered with insulating material. Teak fittings.

4. Hold. Ample space for seven fish tubs.

5. Deck. Deckspace on the SÓMI is generous. Easy access to hold and engine. Engine compartment locked with release in wheelhouse.

6. Diving platform. Platform on stern equipped with ladder which can be extended below the waterline, an important safety feature. Platform provides protection for rudder or duoprop drive (if fitted).

7. Fishing gear. The SÓMI boats can be equipped for various types of fishing gear. Up to four jigging reels can be fitted. The boat can also be equipped with a winch for nets or long line.

SÓMI 860 SÓMI 800
8,55 metres Length 7,81 metres
2,59 metres Beam 2,58 metres
3,8 tonnes Weight 2,8 tonnes
2,8 tonnes Carrying Capacity 2,8 tonnes
Direct drive Propulsion Inboard/outboard
30 knots Max. Speed 30 knots
Volvo Penta Engine Volvo Penta
360 Horspower 230

approval of Sómi 800 & 860
(Approval of boats up to 15 meters)

We hereby confirm, that our approval of boats up to 15 metres is based on International rules, which are established by the government maritime authorities in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden and Det norske Veritas classification in Norway. The approval can be issued by any of the above stated members of the cooperation and is fully accepted by the others.
Icelandic Directorate of Shipping.

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