Appointed agents for Associated British Port Fleetwood, the W.F.D.M oversees the daily fish auction and fish dock activity. Rich in experience of the fishing industry, yet young enough to see the enormous potential for new trade with the drive and determination to take it there.

W.F.D.M operate one of the finest fish auction halls in the U.K. With a capacity for 2000 boxes this newly built facility meets the highest standards set by the EU hygiene requirements and regulations. Facilities for the washing,storing and return of empty fish box's and logistic management to all major U.K fish ports is efficiently handled by W.F.D.M

With a totally independent auction system, fish is sold to over 35 bonded merchants and processors locally and nationwide, maintaining the highest standards of quality and hygiene in the landing and handling of fish, competitivness is ensured. Most importantly W.F.D.M strives for speed of payment to fishing companies which is second to none in the industry. The auction starts around 7a.m and all fish are sold to the merchants by 9.00a.m.

All species of fish are handled,be it from local fishermen or overland from as far as the Faroe Islands with facilities for cold storage to U.K standards B.S 5750/ I.S.O 9002, high standards of freshness are maintained.

Mr. Terry Houghton
South Gate Lodge
Wyre Fish Dock
Denham Way, Fleetwood
FY7 6NB.

Tel.no +44 1253-778226.
Fax.no + 44 1253-773472.

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